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09 January 2011


I've missed y'all!! Can I just start out by saying that November and December of 2010 SUCKED ROCKS?!? Almost 4 full weeks of being sick from Thanksgiving till just a day or so before Christmas has completely drained me of wanting to do anything except blog surf the last week or so. More than that, and I'm just exhausted. Special thanks to the hubby for sharing a flu bug (24hrs for him, 4 DAYS for me) and for the youngest child for bringing home whatever that was from school ~~ holy guacamole, it was the WORST! Felt like I had a flippin elephant sitting in the middle of my chest for 3 of those weeks I was down. YUCK! The only thing that got me through was resting (whenever I was allowed & that wasn't much), ginger tea, odorless garlic capsules, and cranberry capsules.

I did manage a bit of thrifting and to create a few things in December...a small winter forest (was too "bleh" to decorate for Christmas & the forest was the best I could do)...MIGHT have a few pics that I can share over the next week or so.

I'm also in the middle of a two pillow embroidery project that is not my normal style that you might be interested in - when they're complete (hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday), I'll share those, too.

Till then, stay warm (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) & I'll see you soon. Thanks for stopping by!!

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*Vicki* said...

So sorry sweetie!! I hope things get better soon and we start off the New Year better!! BIG HUGS your way!!

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