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30 May 2011

Memorial Day

Today, while you're enjoying your bbq, picnics, fishing at the lake, and time spent with friends and family...laughing and smiling....take a few moments to say a prayer. Be sure to include thanks for those that have passed & served with honor, a thought for the families that are without their loved ones today and having a difficult time, and ask for continued safety for the brave men and women that are sleeping on the hard ground, eating sand, and trying to save their friends while taking enemy fire. It's because of those brave men and women that you were given a long holiday weekend and they deserve to be remembered, even if Congress and the Press barely give them a thought anymore.

The following two songs were written and sung by a friend of a friend. Chuck put into words what is felt in a lot of hearts, not just today, but every day.

God bless our troops ~ past, present & future!

24 May 2011

Pondering Brown

No, not the famous International shipping company. The color. I'm sitting here on a cool, rainy morning, drinking my cinnamon/caramel coffee, munching on toast and strawberries dipped in

I realize that I'm surrounded by the color. Khaki t-shirt, sand colored walls and carpet (which I'm NOT crazy about - it's really more baby poo colored than sand - bleh!), and wood furnishings. Most people turn their noses up at brown. Brown instantly conjures images of mud....dirt....makes you think you have to clean & not many enjoy that particular task. Not me. I actually LIKE brown. Brown can be:







CHOCOLATE (everyone's fave - it's definitely mine!)

Brown in decorating can actually be INTERESTING if you use it properly


Brown is a great NEUTRAL for decorating


Brown can actually be an IMPROVEMENT!

So next time, if you're one of those people that turn your nose up at "brown," reconsider. You might be happy with the color. Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

14 May 2011

Today I'm....

We have a LOT to catch up on...and we will....very soon...but first, I have to get these projects off of my "to do" list. They've been there long enough!

13 May 2011

What the....?

Just overheard on Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures": "Remember the security guard said that he got kicked very hardly?"

'Very hardly?!?' REALLY?!?

You disappoint me Travel Channel with your penchant for filming these grammatical geniuses {as she uses the word "geniuses" in her most sarcastic tone}.

I'm finished with you.

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