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31 July 2008

My blue journal

Here's the "lighter" journal I wrote about the other day. It's kind of difficult to see, but on a few of the "spots" there are the words "smile", "happy", "dream", & "love." I also have other epoxy stickers on there, some lovely blue ribbon, and a snap closure. It's odd...my favorite color is blue, but I hardly ever do anything with it. I'm usually playing with other colors. (I know, I'm a dork! LOL) Now that I've done this one, I'm putting the other journals on the shelf for a week or two and I am going to master the box/bag, thanks to Andrea's encouragement and the wonderful tutorial link she posted on her blog. I don't have that wonderful rounded tab punch from Stampin Up yet (that's one of my next purchases) so I'll have to solve that portion when I get to it. Cross your fingers! I promise that I'll post my results - good, bad, or so-so!
Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!!

How did they KNOW?!?! LOL

What Your Sunglasses Say About You
You are down to earth, stable, and practical.
You see the world as it is. You accept facts easily.

You need to be shaded from overly dramatic and problem prone people.
You feel sunniest when things are calm and peaceful


30 July 2008

Up Late

Messing with my Playlist (added some oldies but goodies) and watching the storms trying to build. Mostly wind right now - some of these gusts are pretty good. If I still lived in Oklahoma, I'd be worried by them & looking for those ugly funnels that come down out of the sky, but here in Utah they just knock limbs out of trees (no flying doggie houses here!).

DH didn't make it in till nearly 10p - there was a semi rollover around 3p this afternoon on a major highway & it took crews till 11 to get it all cleaned off the road. The payload was a 200,000+lb. storage container - apparently the driver was making a freeway merge and it shifted on the trailer & flipped the entire truck, shutting down the entire top of Utah for over 6 hours. When it was first proposed, I wasn't crazy about the Legacy Highway being built near bald eagle nesting grounds, but I'm thinking that when it opens this fall it will ease a lot of traffic burdens, like the one created this evening. (I still feel for those baldys - there had to be a way for us to stay out of their bedroom and still do this project.)

Didn't get too much done yesterday - mostly running errands and laundry. I did manage to make two small journals.

As you can see, I was in a "brown mood." I'm working on a larger journal that I'll probably post tomorrow. It's much lighter in feel...airy blues and greens. After that, I REALLY want to try one of those bag/boxes that Andrea at The Paper Purse keeps cranking out - those are so neat! I have a couple of friends due to deliver soon & these would make sweet gifties for the new mommies!

Well, guess I need to turn in...the littlest one still likes to get up early. Knowing him, he'll be up at the butt crack o' dawn! (LOL) See ya tomorrow!

25 July 2008

To blog or not to blog?

THAT is the question! Sorry, not butchering Shakespeare's Hamlet soliloquy here, just pondering. Part of me ALWAYS has something to say, just ask my adopted sissy, Sharron! But today, another part of me says, "Gurl! You got too much to do to be sittin here on your hindquarters, peckin away at this machine!" (ROLFMBOBO) So, yeah, I'm typing! But only for a second or two - HONEST!

I really do have a lot to get done today:
(1) my recipe cards are going postal (did I already mention ONE MONTH AHEAD OF SCHEDULE?!?)
(2) I've got some returns to make at Wal-Mart & of course pick up some stuff while I'm there
(3) Return the floor tiles I got at Lowe's the other day for the downstairs bath (I called HIM while in the store - should we go with tiles OR solid roll viny floor? HE says "just get the tiles, they'll be fine" Of course after talking to someone yesterday he NOW has decided the tiles are a mistake & we need the roll flooring - WHY DO I BOTHER TO ASK? Next time he can get it himself! {ADHD/biker/Libras! OY!})
(4) stop by mini storage and drop off all of these journals that I've been making to get them out of my house
(5) SOMETIME today help "Mr. Man" get the upstairs bathroom caulked so we can start disassembly on the downstairs bath
(6) the one constant in my life - laundry!

I did manage Wednesday to get some crafting in - the more stressed I am, the more I craft to keep the garbage out of my noggin...I made EIGHT altered composition books!! I also measure my stress by the size of the choccie - Wednesday qualified for the 1lb Hershey Bar! If anyone ever asks "can you have cabin fever in the summer?," tell them YES then send them to my house so they can watch my boys for the day! (LOL) It's not only a great eye-opener, for some it's the best birth control around! (ROFL) It's a miracle I managed to get ANYTHING done. Anyway, my timer just went off (had to set it so I'd stop typing) and I need to dash before it gets too hot to do anything at all. Here's the journals I've made this week (there are 11 of them):

As always, if you see anything that interests you, leave me a comment here or e-mail me for information. Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!

24 July 2008

A Solemn Day

Today is a busy day for me. I'm beginning the tear-out on my bathroom this weekend, since we have a holiday & DH has taken 2 days off. Not only did I get my recipe cards finished for the swap I'm in, but I managed to make 10 altered composition books.

I'll post them some other day, because what I'm putting up here today, doesn't need any competition. It deserves it's own spot. Some folks know her, some do not. I'm in the latter category. I came to know about her through the sad news spreading this week through the digital scrapping world. Jazzy is an amazingly strong woman, but could really use your help right now. She's been caring for the last 14 yrs for a grandson that should have died at 2 but didn't. Authorities tried removing him from her home, but she fought them and won. A few months ago, she lost her daughter, her grandson's mother, and the other day, she said goodbye to her grandson.

I'm sorry to say that I missed posting the fundraiser at DSO on Monday. You can still go there to offer condolences and donations (www.digiscrapobsession.com/shop) AND you can go to Michelle McCoy's CraftyScraps (http://www.shopcraftyscraps.com/) for her sale. 100% of the money brought in is going to Jazz. Here's her ad:

I believe Cen's Loft is having a sale, too & if she is, I'll post links to her site.

Have a great rest of your day!

22 July 2008

I'm DONE!!!

WooHoo!!!!! My 40 recipe cards for the swap I entered are finished! One MONTH ahead of schedule! Excuse me while a do a lil dork dance for a sec...

'K! I'm back! (LOL) These cards aren't even supposed to mail out till the 23rd of August & mine will go postal on Friday, so I'm feelin pretty doggone good about myself. Can ya tell? (Almost knocked myself over, pattin my own back there!)

Anyway, I had some time to make another journal. I really love the 50-60s retro feel of this one:

It features a magnetic closure, goldenrod yellow ribbon trim, glitter accents in the center of each flower, & stamped/scalloped piece at the bottom that says "notes" (the stamping isn't blurry, it's a grungy typeset that I picked up today while out running).

I was given 2 more blog awards by Kristine of Wenchd Grafix (www.wenchdgrafix.com/yakkin) - thank you very much, Miss Thang! I'm supposed to do the usual posting of my 7 chosen sites & let them know they've won, so I'll have to jump on that tomorrow. She was saying the other day that the upcoming blog party is now up to FIFTY-THREE designers, so this is promising to be one big blowout of goodies to snag & collect! I can't wait to see who she's pulled in - I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! (LOL) As for you, you have to WAIT till 1October to find out where all the talent is...

Thanks for peeking at my latest journal! Have a great rest of your day!!

20 July 2008

More Altered Composition Books

I have four more pix of altered composition books that I've done in the last week. I would do some more, but right now I'm working on 40 (yes 40) cards for a recipe card swap that I committed to. Not really sure what I was thinking, since this is my first swap of any kind, but I seriously can't wait to get the others & put together my Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving recipe binder! Not sure when or if I'll get to post tomorrow because of all the stuff I've got going on around here (insulation being blown into the attic, shopping for bathroom supplies, laundry, and the rest of my day-to-day). Guess we'll see how it goes. Till then, thanks for looking and have a great rest of your day!!

Altered large composition book with magnetic closure. All three butterfly stickers were embossed on the cuttlebug then edged with puffy paint. Flower centers are all rhinestones to coordinate with the snap closure. Also included are white ribbon & tri-color fun yarn trim.

Altered mini composition book. Leaves are embossed, rhinestones added, and epoxy glittered butterfly is custom made (by moi).

This one is one of my favorites, so far! This paper is absolutely gorgeous & I picked up everything on the shelf when I found it on clearance!! Full size altered composition book with antique pewter magnetic closure. Embellished with pre-made epoxy stickers, custom made epoxy stickers, and half pearls. Country crocheted lace & ribbon trim down the front and back of the spine.

Last but not least, a toille print mini composition book with inked/antiqued edges. This could have been easily overdone, so I decided to keep it simple.

19 July 2008

Five More Pieces

It's Saturday & I'm feeling a LITTLE bit better about the downstairs bathroom situation. The moisture detection people came out yesterday and spent nearly 2 hours trying to make my bathroom flood - water pressure in the pipes was fine, the drainpan in the shower stall is still working great, seal around the toilet is holding up...but there's cracking caulk above the drainpan in the shower from previous owners that is starting to mold & crumble and that's where the leak is coming from...the walls get wet, water runs down, out those cracks, under the wall into the floor. He said that it probably happens after we leave the room & has evaporated by the time we come back in so we've never noticed it before.
It's just a HUGE relief to know that we don't have to spend a fortune ripping out & replacing the shower like one company had told us earlier in the week. We just need to: pull all the caulking, all of the baseboards, wipe the walls down with acetone to prep for new caulk, rip up the floor, remove the mold that's eating the glue on the flooring...then we can caulk, paint, put baseboards back, put in a new shower door, a new floor down, and reset the toilet (it has to be pulled up to do the flooring). I'm recruiting some friends with general contractor experience to help out & see if I can get the whole bathroom done for $1,000 or less, since that's all I can spare at this time. When DH gets back from his morning errands, we're going to The Home Depot to start pricing supplies.

In the meantime, I thought I'd put up some more of my stitched pieces & a couple of mini composition books that I altered last week. I have some vests that I'd like to put up here later on, if I can get them photographed in enough time. As always, if you see anything that interests you, send me an e-mail & we'll work out the details. Thanks for looking & have a great day!!

Halloween Kitty - pattern taken from a tole painting book (I just had a feeling that it would look cute stitched). Pillow measures 12" across x 9" high.

Raggedy Angel - pattern was an internet freebie that I've had sitting around here for the last 5-6 yrs. I believe that she's an early Cedarberry Stitches, but I'm not 100% certain. She's stitched on heavily tea-stained muslin to enhance the prim look. Measures 9.5" across x 11" high.

"Itty Bitty Agatha" pattern from S. West of Buttermilk Basin. Pillow is a petite 4" wide x 5.5" tall.

Altered mini composition book - black butterfly embellishments have embossed wings. Black on a cream & tan leaf patterned background.

Altered mini composition book. Retro floral on vivid pink "chippy/grungy" background. Flowers are embellished with puffy edges & centers.

18 July 2008


Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing just yet. I don't have to run any errands that I originally thought I had (good thing!). Shopped for school uniforms yesterday without my oldest there, but they fit perfectly when he tried them on last night, so no returns for me today! YIPPEE! I do have a mountain of laundry (bad thing!), as is always the case with 5 people under one roof, and the moisture detection unit is coming to look at both bathrooms today & put together a report for insurance (not sure about this one yet). If you can put together a quick prayer circle & say one for me, it would be greatly appreciated!

I have some more pix of items that I've embroidered over the last year, so I thought I'd post them. If you're interested in any item shown here, be sure to e-mail me for pricing. Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!

Pattern from the book Folk Art Baby Boy by Diane Arthurs. I used variegated blues on this & really loved the way it turned out. This would make a very simple yet classy new baby or shower gift.

This pattern is from the "stitchin by me" monthly series by Cotton Way. This piece was stitched on sandcastle fabric & features 3 beautifully crafted rustic handmade clay buttons. (I didn't make the buttons - clay is something I haven't gotten into...yet!)

Pattern from Friendship Knots stitched on sandcastle fabric. Surrounded and backed with coordinating stars print fabric. Very pretty & very patriotic!!

Pattern "A Harvest Hello" from Cedarberry Stitches. A fun prim look for the season & would also look nice tea or coffee-stained.

Redwork iris from a 1950s Workbasket pattern packet that I'm in the process of saving. Very elegant & striking done in this single color. Looks even prettier in person! I'm really loving these older patterns - they have so much grace and character.

16 July 2008

Embroidery projects

These are some pieces that I've embroidered over the last year. It's very relaxing for me at the end of a long day to sit on the sofa with the kids at my feet in the floor, DH in a chair nearby watching the news or a movie and do some embroidery. I love doing this...manipulating stitches & colors to make line drawings come to life and have character. I enjoy watching how a whole piece can change the way it feels just by changing a color or two. It's also a nice way for me to keep the memory of my g-gramma strong. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
This pattern was a "freebie" that I downloaded 3-4 yrs ago from Cedarberry Stitches. It didn't come with a color "recipe" so I just came up with my own. The background fabric was tea-stained prior to stitching.

This piece was made using an old 1948 Workbasket pattern. They've gone out of copyright, so I'm in the process of trying to save the ones that my grandmother gave to me & re-newing the copyright.

This pillow is an old 1970s Aunt Martha iron-on piece. I really liked it in all plum, as opposed to putting other colors in it.

Pattern for this framed piece from the book Folk Art Celebrations by Diane Arthurs.

I used a beautiful variegated peach-to-copper embroidery floss on this piece. It turned out so pretty. This was an iron on from an old Leisure Arts booklet that I took apart ages ago to use. I believe it was called "Just Flowers."

Pattern "Harvest Blessings" from Cedarberry Stitches. Has a sweet little autumn-colored flower button on the angel's collar.

Simple stitched quote from Abraham Lincoln done on a tone-on-tone cream background. Surrounding & back fabric features the watercolor/acrylic art of Susan Winget.

Prim Christmas tree. Iron on from Folk Art Christmas by Leisure Arts Publications.

Prim Christmas Kitty. Iron on transfer from Folk Art Christmas by Leisure Arts Publications.

Another Prim Christmas kitty from Leisure Arts Publications. It's kinda tough to see, but in the wreath around it's neck, I've stitched on little rusty jingle bells.

I LOVED doing this Americana rooster. Pattern from Folk Art Celebrations by Diane Arthurs.

Artwork from Carmie Anderson of Tied With HeartStrings.

Pattern "A" is for Angel from Stitch-a-Dilly on tea-stained muslin background.

This is my redwork pillow. Pattern is from Bonnie Bonnett by Aunt Martha's iron-ons.

"Pumpkins 5 cents" pattern from Cedarberry Stitches, stitched on sandcastle fabric with clay star-shaped buttons.

I have others that I'll post tomorrow. Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!!

15 July 2008

some more things that I've made

The following beauties were made with the help of my trusty Cuttlebug. If you've never played with this fabulous little tool, I've gotta tell ya, it's HIGHLY addictive!!

I made these pretty cards with some scrap papers, ribbons, paper flowers, brads, & a little spare time.

I found these epoxy stickers at Hobby Lobby & they just cried "Contemporary Christmas Cards!" (LOL) Then I spent 2 weeks searching for the right stamp to complete the cards. Found EXACTLY what I wanted & did they ever turn out pretty! I have 2 sets of 10 available...

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