I'll allow "pinning" as long as you pull up the post & pin from it for a direct link for others. :-)

28 December 2008

I have NO idea...

...who I'm gonna give this to, but I absolutely HAD to make this today. I had a dream about it last night & couldn't get it out of my head. So I sat down in between loads of laundry and made it happen. I hope it shows well, but I think that it's even prettier IRL.

All my boys could say is, "Uh-oh! Mom's in ultra girly girl mode!" Oh, yeah? Well, I'm outnumbered four to one. I can only take so much testosterone, then I burst into flames! *ROFL*
Recipe for card:
light blue pre-made "base"
paper from DCWV Winter Mat Stack Paper collection
b/w image "Dance and Cheer" by Kate Merkley (PC Crafter)
lace from The Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby)
white sheer ribbon Offray "Sheerly Yours"
"baby blue" Stickles by Ranger Inc
Stampin Up! small scallop border punch
Martha Stewart branch punch
holographic rhinestone from Wally World craft section
pop dots
AdTech glue dot runner
white Prima paper flowers colored with Copic B21
Copic markers - B21, 0 (colorless blender), E31, E02, BV00, BG10, E09, & E00

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

27 December 2008


...with my new Copic markers! I started collecting them about 3-4 wks ago & I'm now up to 30 of these beauties.

There are 322 colors in the "sketch" line, like the ones I'm using, so there are PLENTY of colors to choose from. I have outgrown this little tin already though...pity. *sigh* It's a cute tin.

I used my HugBug Deluxe Browser from PC Crafter and found all of the files that I had available with linework (black/white files) in them. I wish they still made these type files, but you can only find them on the creatables released prior to 2006 (just dig around the site, you'll find them). I printed anywhere from 4-8 images per page on my HP OfficeJet Pro printer, then sat down and started coloring. I'm very impressed with how easy they are to use. I LOVE the colorless blender pen!! I do think my 80lb cardstock may not be good enough for this technique, though, because I've noticed some bleeding in spots. Anyway, here's what I've been doing:

This one below is from Trina Clark. I used a combination of the Copics and the "Gamsol" technique (odorless mineral spirits and colored pencils). Turned out really cute, I think. Face, hair, and outer shadow is Copic marker; bonnet, binky, jumper is OMS technique.

Now THIS one (below) was done a couple of weeks ago entirely in the OMS technique. (Graphic from Trina Clark.)

Now, if I could find a sweet way to cut out around them to make them presentable for cards....Oh, Honey!!! I think I NEED to get some spellbiners for my Cuttlebug! *ROFL* I'd also like to increase my collection of linework...maybe some Squigglefly pieces should be next...

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of your day!!

26 December 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

I just love that song (Doris Day & Bing Crosby) & it totally fits here today! *LOL* All day yesterday and long into the night, we had horrible winds. They started coming from the South, brought in the rain & sleet around sundown, then switched to the Northwest and made the temps plummet as the rain turned to snow. We had two highways shut down to "high profile" vehicles and one semi truck was overturned - the driver is in critical condition. The weather reports all said that if you were out driving in the wind and the muck, which a LOT of people were, visibility was about 6ft in front of your car. This is what it looked like outside my house at 8pm last night...

And this is what we woke up to this morning.... That's DH in front and the neighbors from across the street in the background. I love this area...everyone pulls together and just goes from one house to the next shovelling drives and walkways. I have to say, though, that usually DH pays someone to do ours. He NEVER touches a shovel - you'd think he was out there trying to make the weather WORSE or something! He was bemoaning the fact that his poor Harley was sitting in the garage looking forlorn and lonesome. (ROFLMBOBO)

This is what it looks like from my backdoor. The deck is eleven FEET off the ground.

Another view from the back deck, overlooking the wetland behind our house (storm drains run into it). Those poor geese out there, trying to make nests to sit out the winter...

As you can see, it's almost knee deep on DH. Today's total is 6.5 inches on TOP of the snow we had last week.

Then, just as I'm about to say "My nose is about to fall off!" The Good Lord blessed us with the sun coming up over the mountains...so pretty! The sunsets are just as beautiful - turning the mountains peach, orange, pink, and lavendar. *sigh*

So, enjoy your indoor time, if it's cold where you're at like it is here, and craft till your lil puddin heart's content. That's EXACTLY what I'm doing today! That is, just as soon as I have this baked potato and leftover buffalo roast sandwich. I can smell the hickory smoked mustard, sharp cheddar cheese, onions, and "everything" bagels now! No one touch Mama's sammy! (LOL) Oh, before I forget! Di is giving away some really YUMMY blog candy - you have till noon 02January2009 to sign up for this wonderful treat.

Have a great rest of your day!!

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yes, yes...I know..."You've changed your decorations already! What's WRONG with you, woman?!?" {gasp}

Please don't be upset with me...I'm moving forward. It's what I do. Who I AM. Truth - the presents were opened AGES ago, wishes wished across the miles thanks to excellent cell phone service, the boys are tuned into their skateboard magazines and Nintendos, hubby is on his computer, I've had my Doctor Who fix, and the roast is in the slow cooker, bubbling away (LOVE the smell of that buffalo cooking! YES it's really buffalo - I'll show a "before" pic in a sec). There's nothing else to do. I could craft...yeah, and I will, but I haven't made a post in a few days, so I thought "while I'm here..." Might as well slap some new paint on the walls & change the tunes up a bit! (LOL)

My eye is MUCH better (thanks for the well wishes). My washing machine is up and running again (PTL). Should it ever crash with the same issue its had in the last three weeks, thanks to a helpful repairman, I now know how to remedy the situation myself.

Well, I'm off to be productive! Oh, before I go, here's a shot of that lovely roast before being beautifully seared & tossed into the slow cooker:It's VERY lean, ever so tender (the knife holes are for the seasoning that I put inside - it'll fall off the bone when I take it to the serving platter) and tastes so much BETTER than beef. No bovine growth hormones, no preservatives to help it maintain flavor and color, no antibiotics...just all-natural, beautiful meat! From the field, to the butcher, to my table...no retail middleman! (LOL)

Merry Christmas! I hope that Santa brought you everything you asked for. Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

21 December 2008

I've been MIA

So sorry about that! I have a bacterial infection in my left eye. My own stupid fault. It's been leaky since last week & I'm currently taking antibiotics, but it's difficult to see out of. Between the water & the blurr, I can't hardly craft. I'm trying to get in to the doctor for drops, but since it's the holiday, I may have to live with the way I'm handling the situation now.

I am in the process of mailing out the last half of my Christmas cards - managed to make 80 of them in 2 days time before my eye got the better of me. Still have a few to make & I'm stumbling through them as best as I can. As soon as I can focus without having to stop every couple of lines, I'll come in and visit again. Hopefully later this week.

I have the washer repairman coming (again) for the same thing that happened 2 wks ago, the boys are off for Winter Break, and my hands are FULL! But I wanted to tell you all that I'm thinking about you & miss you like crazy!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!

14 December 2008

The last of 'em!

I delivered 11 of these last week...the box is sitting in her office & the boss walks in & says, "OOoh! I NEED one of those, my sister is leaving town tomorrow & this would be a nice gift." Flips DH the $$ for the kit & that left my lady one short of her order for 20 of these kits & me making TEN more, instead of nine. I showed one of them the other day without candy, so here are the final nine:
Now, I'm off to start on the Christmas cards that should have left my house two weeks ago! (LOL) Thanks for stopping by & having a look around.

Have a great rest of your day!!

10 December 2008

One sundae kit & some sites to check out...

I'm working on the finishing touches to the 8 kits that I covered last night. This one needs its candy to be complete, but I thought I'd share anyway...I'm feeling quite a bit better than I have the last 3 weeks. Kinda wondering if I knocked something BACK into place with the tumble I took yesterday. Was having furnace filter issues & the filter jammed going in. When I went to pull it out, it didn't want to budge, but I finally pulled hard enough that my feet went out from under me & I landed on my back on the stairs. No bruises, no owies, so I must have had an angel in my pocket. Thanks for the love & well-wishes y'all have left me - I really appreciate each and every one of you!!

Got a little sidetracked earlier this afternoon. Came back to the ole she-cave for some supplies & picked up a box of BloPens that I bought a year or two ago & never touched. Thought I'd give them a go...little bit of a buzzing head rush later & I ended up with some interesting things to play with. It's not as smooth as a pro airbrush system, but the spatters might look neat on something prim or maybe work in a monochromatic scheme...if I come up with something wonderfully creative, I'll be sure to share.

I want you to check out a few more sites today for inspirations. I love playing with Melissa Frances products, but rarely am able to locate the items. When I do, I buy everything that I can find. I had a run 4yrs ago on her reproduction labels - still have a few left & have been pondering how to incorporate them into cards. I think I found the places to show me how...look what I found today:
Bibbi's Dillerier - it's German (I believe) but who cares?!? Her cards are beautiful!!! I haven't found one of her posts yet that I would change one little thing on.
Homespun with Heart - Danielle has some really pretty things to get you in the mindset to create.
The Melissa Frances website - I just love going through there. It's been a while since I've looked, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that she now has a line of stamps that go so beautifully with her papers and labels.
The Melissa Frances blog - projects & ideas galore! I'll be posting these four sites on the sidebar later this evening so no one has to backtrack to find them. If you're like me, you'll be going to them again & again.

That's it for me this evening. I'm a single parent for a couple more hours till DH comes in & then it's bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!

09 December 2008

Bear with me...

for one more day. I'm still having very painful tummy issues & the latest from the doctor says "everything's normal." Yeah, RIGHT!

Anyway, I'm working on the last of the sundae kits & I'll post pix of them in the next day or so. They won't have choccies in them till this weekend, so I'm pondering if I want to wait or just show them off...

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!

05 December 2008

Just a quick note...

I'm still feeling under the weather & had wanted to do some posting today, but I guess it will just have to wait till tomorrow. I wanted to take a second to welcome my "sister from another mister" Sharrahug to the blogging community. You're gonna do just fine, Sis! Remember to have fun with it - 'K? Love ya, GF!

Have a great rest of your day & I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

02 December 2008

Two posts in ONE DAY?!?

(ROFL) Yup, ya caught me! I'm TRYIN to make it snow! Seriously, I've stumbled into some more blogs this afternoon that I just HAD to share with you.

Hog Wild About Stamping - she is a prolific stamper with an extremely creative family (more about THAT in a sec). I've spent a couple of very happy hours, sucking down Pepsi, letting the Tylenol kick in and hopping the last couple of weeks of her postings, oohing and aahing at the cute cards she makes. She's also giving away some BLOG CANDY by the 9th of December - she's got a fun twist - so you might want to scoot by there, leave her some love (she's super sweet - Hey Holly! Thanks for stoppin by! Always enjoy making new GFs!) & maybe you'll be getting her yummy treats in YOUR mailbox! Or...maybe I'll be showing 'em off to ya here on my blog! (bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha)

'K! That talented family of Holly's that I mentioned earlier? Daughters & a sister that are designing stamps & digital linework. I have to confess that I never considered this possibility until today. I have linework in some of my PC Crafter creatables and I've purchased sets from Trina over at DigiScrapKits, and I use them a LOT, but I've always used linework for either tole painting or doing my embroidery. TODAY, tho, altered my perspective and forced me to once again think outside of my comfort zone (I'm getting better with this, really I am!). Using linework printed off the computer, just like I would a stamp! The UP sides - being able to adjust the size of the image & minimal storage space!! I know, I know...some of you are groaning & thinking "Duh! What century are you from?!?" but seriously, those of you that really know me, know that I've not been playing with paper for that long and I'm just getting into stamping (in my typical feet first, balls to the wall fashion). Using and coloring linework like a stamp & putting it on cards and such truly never occurred to me. This is where Holly's family comes in...I was reading my daily feed of PaperPleasing Ideas when I noticed a comment that mentioned SquiggleFly. I thought, "What on EARTH is a 'squigglefly?'" and being the researcher that I am (allright, allright...I'm downright curious - some of you might even call it nosey!), I linked over & started poking myself into every corner and cranny that I could find. OMGosh! Talk about some CUTE artwork! Hanna & Bella...lookout! You've got serious competition. These images have translated into some adorable clear stamp sets & are being carried by My Favorite Things.

I also found a link on Holly's blog to a really cute idea for clear glass ornaments...using re-inkers! The colors are amazing and Sarah did hers for a challenge. I've done this with pearl acrylic paints before, but now I'm gonna have to slip over to CBC & check out some of the other entries. The inspiration is now OOZING out of my monitor! (LOL)

Well, that's it for me today. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some more sundae kits for you to take a peek at...

I've got goodies for you today...

As I was doing my morning e-mail check, I decided to share with you some of the wonderful things that have been sent to me. They're really fun...everything from a killer sale, to blog candy, to new product announcements. Are ya ready? Here we go!

First, Kittie at Country Charm Graphics has announced a 50% OFF sale throughout her entire site for the month of December. HALF OFF is nothing to sneeze at for us dedicated graphics hounds, um, I mean, COLLECTORS! (ROFL) Super sweet of ya, Kittie...THANKS!

Next, thanks to a Craft Critique mailing today, I was introduced to a new Ranger product called Sticky Canvas by Claudine Hellmuth. WOW! It can be run through my Cuttlebug, painted, cut, stamped, printed on...I'm sure the possibilities will be endless. As someone that loves to tole paint, play with fabric, and now stamp, I absolutely cannot wait for this product to hit the stores. You can find a project that Claudine did here at her blog. She's also giving some of this Sticky Canvas away December 5th if you post a comment on her blog - good luck!

For those of you that actually use scrapbooking paper for its original purpose, scrapbooking, I'm sending you to the BoBunny blog for inspiration, tips, techniques and just lots of eye candy in general. These ladies are so talented.

If you like printable crafts, be sure to sign up for the newsletter at Seneca Pond Crafts. Eileen is giving away a free download project every day for the next 10 days to those on her mailing list (we're already 2 days into her gifts - sorry that I hadn't thought to share this sooner!). Be sure to take a few minutes and check out her site - the prices are VERY reasonable and she has some fun projects that range from Prim to Victorian.

And finally, Hero Arts has some blog candy for you, too! They're celebrating moving into their new/old facility (used to be a fruit canning company during the Great Depression) and their new line of stamps coming in January 2009. Enjoy!

I hope that you have as much fun as I did today & I hope that something you see here inspires you in some small way. Have a great rest of your day!!

01 December 2008

3 more 4 ya!

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days. I'm still having tummy issues that apparently no doctor can resolve. Not sure what's going to happen, but if it happens before my insurance deductibles double with the New Year, I'll be okay.

Anyway, since I was unable to do more than move from one piece of furniture to another during the long holiday weekend, I managed to get 3 more sundae kits finished. Just NINE more to go till this order is filled & ready to deliver! I must say that I'm grateful ~ she gave me plenty of advanced notice for such a large job ~ not sure I could have done 20 of these in a pinch.

That's it for me. Hopefully, I'll have a few more finished by midweek that I can share. For now, I'm off to lie down on the couch with a heating pad, some Tylenol, and pray that this pain ends soon or they invent a painkiller that won't make me a drooling mess or causes me to have a horrific allergic reaction! (LOL)
Thanks for looking & have a good rest of your day!

27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those that are not celebrating the American tradition - Happy Thursday! I hope that your week has been worry free and you're heading into a spectacular weekend. I personally think that there's always something to be thankful for, even on your worst of days.

Anyway, I'm as fat as a tick right now from all the yummy food that we fixed. We had turkey, green bean casserole, mashed sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin muffins, turtle brownies, and various other goodies. Not a big gathering, as in most houses today - it was me, DH, and our three boys. That's just the right number for me! In spite of my tummy issues, and being busy making a scrumptious meal, I managed to get some crafting in. Thought I'd share one more of the sundae kits...

I've got three more lined up to work on tomorrow...might start on them tonight if I don't feel too lazy. Right now, though, that couch & a small quilt is sounding mighty nice! (LOL) Thanks for stopping in for a peek. Hope you have a great rest of your day!

25 November 2008

Sundae Kits

Well, I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days, but I managed to make two out of the fifteen sundae kits that are part of my big Christmas order. I have an abdominal ultrasound scheduled for this afternoon and after that I hope to get two or three more made. The boys are home the rest of the week, and I'm thinking that I can get back into my crafting hard and heavy again by Friday, since Dad will be home to help keep these wild hooligans in line! (ROFL)

Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!!

23 November 2008

Five down FIFTEEN to go!!

(ROFL) At least I got the tough ones out of the way. Yup, the spa kits are hardest ones to do...it has to do with all the laminating - box, jars, lids. Punches and scissors do NOT like laminate adhesive! OY! But, boy, don't they turn out pretty when they're done?!? These five are going to a sweet lady that works with DH. I'm off to work on her ice cream sundae kits now - pix will post just as soon as I get 'em done.

Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!

20 November 2008

Who wants blog candy?!?

This has got to be some of the yummiest blog candy that I've ever seen in my life! So much so, that for the first time in my blog surfing history, I actually entered my name & am now singing "I Want Candy!". (ROFL) You've got to go by and check out Passion for Crafts. Don't just grovel for the candy, either - take some time to look around - she's got some great ideas there (the heart out of roses is so elegant & the Christmas tree out of punched hearts is whimsical & cool). Fun stuff there...who knows, if you don't walk away with her blog candy, maybe you'll grab some great ideas for making this year's Christmas cards.

Have a great rest of your day!!

19 November 2008

Another recipe swap

These three were for a digital recipe swap that I completed last weekend. All graphics are from Design Queenie, who will soon be a featured artist at PC Crafter (tonight's sketti over there, so I'm hoping....).

This one was for a Christmas cookie/candy swap that we just did at PC Crafter (I should be getting my pretty cards from all the other ladies soon - can't wait!). I used Design Queenie's graphics, cut out & placed on 1/2 sheet (8.5"x5.5") heavy red cardstock, my trusty Xyron, some pop dots (for the oven mitt) and my Sakura Stardust Glitter gel pen (around the oven mitt for some pizzazz).
It was a lot of fun, but it may be my last swap for a little while. I've REALLY got to get this order for the 20 spa & sundae kits filled!
Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!!

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