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25 October 2011

It's Tuesday!

This week it's pictures....with a twist! For the last few years, I've been collecting "motivational posters" that tripped my trigger. A lot of these, I'd love to give credit to the gals that made them, but sadly, the DT forum is no longer available to access and that's where I snagged them from.
{If you're having trouble reading any of these, just click the pic & it will enlarge for you.}

Okay....yeah....I totally went there...but, in my defense, if you've ever seen him as Brendan Block in "Secret Smile" you'd go there, too!!

Isn't it just?!?

This is from my favorite clip out of Red Nose Day (the UK version of Comic Relief)

If you're a Doctor Who fan you'll find this funny because The Doctor as of this year, should be approximately 907 yrs old!

There's no arguing this one!

'K! That's it for me. We have a cold snap coming our way tonight & there are errands to be run. See you lovelies tomorrow!

22 October 2011

No Post...

Celebrating with Youngest Child...he's nine today.

Catch y'all later! xoxo

18 October 2011

Happy Tennant Tuesday!

I've totally earned this today:

and some chocolate....
nah....this will do....just fine....

16 October 2011

The Homecoming Dance

Last night, Middle Child took his girlfriend to the homecoming dance at his school. Earlier in the week he asked me to make her a corsage. When I asked what colors we were doing this in, the answer I got was "red and black." Anything special you'd like me to do with it? "Nope, just work your 'mom magic' and it'll be cool." Okie dokie...challenge accepted!

After a quick trip to Michael's for the wristband and flower, then a hop over to JoAnn's for some lace and ribbons, I was ready to play. I grabbed my needle and thread, stitched the lace to resemble leaves, made some loops out of the ribbons and anchored them with a few stitches. Then I dug out my glue gun, plugged it in and went to town. This is what I came up with:

Red silk rose, red 1/8" satin ribbon, 1/4" sheer black ribbon, black lace, and borealis stretchy wrist band (you'll find them in the wedding section for about $4 & they're amazingly easy to work with).

Here's Middle Child "allowing" me to take a picture before his sweetie arrived. He took her to her school dance last month and I wasn't able to get any pictures. He's growing into a fine young man!
And here they are! She LOVED her corsage, it matched her sweet little dress perfectly, and YES, her hair is pink/red/burgundy. Normally it's brown toward the back and on the sides and front is colored like a rainbow. On most people it would look freakish, but on her...it's just too stinkin cute for words!
In heels she's about 5'10" which is perfect for his 6'2" lanky frame and they're absolutely adorable together. The end of this month will mark 7 months for them and he's still as crazy about her now as he was while he spent 3 months working up the courage to ask her out.

That's it for me. It's been a long weekend...still trying to get this stuffy nose/plugged ears/tight chest thing GONE...it's wearing me out! Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!

15 October 2011

Saturday version of Frugal Friday

No pix to post on this one, but it's really too good to not share with y'all. Last night, after making a wrist corsage for Middle Child's girlfriend and their Homecoming Dance, I made my own make-up removing cloths...

I took:
a roll of paper towels cut in half
4 c of distilled water
3 Tbsp of coconut oil
the last of my Lauren Hutton facial cleanser
Then I followed the steps on THIS BLOG. The recipe is originally for making baby wipes, but these can go on baby's bum AND/OR your face...we all want something gentle on our skin that does the job that doesn't contain a ton of unnecessary chemicals.

I'm pleased to report that these really work! It even took off my Neutrogena waterproof mascara without making my eyes burn or giving me that 30 minute residual blurry vision that some wipes can give you. Here's a quick cost breakdown so you can see the savings:

Viva towels - $1.98
3pk of Rubbermaid tubs - $1.88
coconut oil - already had on hand, but approx 75¢
distilled water - already had on hand but approx 20¢
facial cleanser - already had on hand but approx 50¢
COST - $5.31

1 tub of 30 wipes - $7-12 depending on the brand & store
Now, because I ended up with two tubs, counting the sheets on your roll, you're making probably TRIPLE the amount of wipes....which means if you bought from the store, you'd spend $21-36 for what we just put together.

SAVINGS: $16-31!! Now, I don't know about you, but for ME, that's a good reason to dork dance! *LOL*

Ten hours after removing my makeup (aka this morning when I got up) my skin doesn't feel tight or oily or like I have any make-up residue left behind. Just smooth, fresh, happy skin. Next batch, I think I'm going to back down on the coconut oil (1Tbsp instead of 3) and toss in some organic aloe gel, Vitamin E oil, and grapeseed oil, since it's better for your face. I'm definitely keeping this one in my cleansing regimen!

I know, I know...where are the pix of the corsage?!? Tomorrow I'll share those...the dance is tonight. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!

11 October 2011

Tennant Tuesday

Still feeling under the weather. Think this sinus infection is trying to move south to my chest. Biker Boy has said that if I'm not better by Thursday, he's hauling my butt to the doctor. For now, I'm taking my herbals and sucking down my 6-8 cups of tea (grated fresh ginger, quick shake of cayenne pepper, splash of lemon, & black Utah honey).

I'll leave you with some eye candy that always makes me feel better....

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!

08 October 2011

Do you like to play with paper?

Yeah, me too. Sorry that I don't have any projects to share with you today - I've been under the weather this last week - allergies have backed up into a sinus infection. What I do have are some fun candy alerts over in my right sidebar that you might want to get hooked up with.

Today, I'm adding Pixie Dust Paperie to the list - they have a GORGEOUS kit up for grabs that will help you scrap the upcoming Christmas holiday or make some fantastic cards for friends and family. Click the picture in the sidebar to be taken to the drawing or click on their name in this post to be taken to their blog so you can see all of the cool things Kirsty and her friends do over there.

Good luck & happy crafting!

04 October 2011

Tennant Tuesday

David was recently voted "The Greatest Doctor of All Time." Would you like to know why?

It all started with "The Christmas Invasion" where The Doctor regenerates for the tenth time since 1963...

He spent 3 full seasons & some extra episodes (almost 5yrs) turning The Doctor into an even more beloved character than he already was...though he was "rude and not ginger."

There were many memorable scenes between The Doctor and his traveling companions ~ Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Sarah Jane Smith & K-9 (remember them from the Tom Baker days?), Captain Jack Harkness (even though he was never an "official" companion), Martha Jones, & Donna Noble...it's quite possible that I'll share as many scenes as I can find here with you! {consider yourself warned!} *LOL*

One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes..."Blink." Here, see for yourself:

No matter how many times I watch it, I still get the shivers...just LOVE the dialogue! The Weeping Angels are almost as creepy as the Vashda Narada...but I'll save them for another time...

Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!

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