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03 April 2009

I'm back!

Hey All! I hate to say it, but I've been down again! Rotten timing, too. I had JUST received my start-up package last Friday evening from The Angel Company and was SO JAZZED about it, went to bed feeling a bit "off," & woke up Saturday with no voice, a throat on fire & so swollen I couldn't swallow anything, and a fever. Slept the entire weekend. Got up on Monday, got the boys to school, and went in to the doctor - STREP! He said that because of my pancreas issues over the last 5 weeks, it weakened my immune system. When the kids come in with a sniffle, sneeze, or cough, my body is going to take it and make something big and ugly. Boy did it ever! I'm just NOW to where I can stand upright for more than five minutes, voice is stronger but leaves me when I least expect it, and I can finally eat a bit (5 days with nothing more than jello & water BITES). He did say it was going to take me a good 3-5 months to get my body back to normal, so today, the first that I've been able to sit at my computer & do more than turn it on, I plan to research some things to build my immune system & help out the ole pancreas.

Hopefully, I'll have some projects for you that should have been done by last weekend. I also see that my visitor counter has just passed the 5,000 hit mark - Yeah for me!! {may have to see if I have enough stash for a blog candy giveaway...} I'm also about 80 days out till my 1st anniversary here {hmmmm....TWO opportunities for yummy treats to be passed around...}. Gonna hafta do something about this!!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


Sharron said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're getting back to your ol' self, Sis.....slowly but surely.
I know these past few weeks have really been rough on you & you sooooo deserve something good to happen cuz you're just so doggone special to me!
Luv ya!

Andrea said...

Good heavens gf - I think you need a retreat away for a few weeks with nothing but your start up pkg, some good friends and copious amounts of chocolate! That'll heal ya! Take care.

BlueRose said...

Glad to hear that your feeling a little better. Gosh this is going to take some time yeh. Say I sure hope that your on the up side of all of this...

Luv ya

Hugz~Dixie said...

Congrats on hitting 5,000.I love Andrea's idea of a craft retreat. I'm sure it would make you feel better. Hope you do it in three or less.

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