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09 July 2010

A bit of randomness & thrifting

outside my window…the neighbor kids playing in their yard
i am thankful for… those rare days that my kids ALL get along
i am wearing…denim shorts, barefoot, khaki t-shirt, & sloppy up-do/braid (inspired by Magnolia Pearl)
noticing that…I REALLY need to make everyone leave me alone & get to work on my cave this weekend {can't hardly walk in here - grrrr!}
i am still reading…my new TAC catalog (there are SO MANY things I want in there!!)
on my mind...Are they TRYING to cause me to have a stroke?
pondering these words…noise, noise, noise and more noise {stop the world, I wanna get off!!!!}
around the house…pretty clean, a little cluttered, but nothing I can't live with for now
from the kitchen… mesquite grilled chicken on a fresh mixed green salad with dried fruit and Vidalia Onion vinaigrette dressing and a cherry Pepsi
one of my favorite things…sitting and stitching while listening to one of my Playlists {today it's calming folk music - and the music seems to have a strange but nice sort of repelling effect on the males in my household...interesting}
i’m creating…a watercolor piece for a friend & after lunch I'll be working on some embroidered pieces for a Christmas in July swap
a few plans for the rest of the week…embroidery (MUST finish!), emptying boxes in my she-cave and putting things away, getting files made for Cordell's home school year
from my lens…my thrift store finds from Tuesday (see below)

Tuesday was an amazing day of thrifting. Best one yet!! At the Harrisville DI I got glass bowls, glass salad plates, another glass dome for my treats, a NICE candy jar with wooden lid. The plates were all marked 75¢ each, but I got them 4 for $1, the dome, one bowl, & the candy jar were marked $1 each but I got ALL THREE for $1. We also picked up 5 shirts for Chris that will be nice for his job (no pix of those).At the small Ogden Rescue Mission on Wall Avenue, I got this GORGEOUS hobnail milk glass lamp. I've had my eye on it for just about a month now, so when I saw that it was still sitting on the shelf, I got brave and talked the gal at the register down to $8...it still works!A trip to the bigger Ogden Rescue Mission near Riverdale Road got me a few ruffled trims for stitching onto totes, crocheted cotton doilies, a cute little crocheted doll hat, a table runner edged in cotton crochet, some dress patterns, some vintage iron-on seam binding, 2 packs of OLD Vogart iron-on transfers, & 2 little Stamping Up stamps (©2003).Oh, and some uncut warm n natural cotton batting (I use it for making my embroidered pieces look more quilted. Total for ALL the goodies, including the shirts and the lamp...$50. Considering I brought in 6 sacks full of stuff, I didn't think that was too bad.See how cute the table runner & lamp look on my barrister case?! I just love it! The barrister case holds my collection of tole painting books, Create & Decorate craft magazines, and some painting catalogs. Originally, it was on the other side of my cave, facing my computer cabinet, but I had to relocate it because I found something REALLY nice at the DI.....This gorgeous china hutch! It's 42" across, 74" high, and 16" deep. No scratches, no chipped wood, no cracks, no missing molding, & no broken or missing handles.On the right door, just next to the wood is its only imperfection...a teeny crack in the glass. You can't even see it till you're right up on the piece. It's arcing in toward the frame and Chris said that it shouldn't spider out any more & will be okay for quite a while. Gotta trust the guy that used to own his own glass business! *LOL*
Even the blue velvet lining in the silverware drawer is in great shape. The original manufacturer's sticker was there, too. Did a little bit of research...Keller Furniture, located in High Point, NC, has been around since 1945 and to this day makes Thomasville furniture. A good, solid piece of furniture, from a solid US company...made in America...I like that a lot!!!No issues with the drawers - they still glide evenly and smoothly. A little dusty, but I've taken care of that. I'll be storing craft items in it throughout the weekend.And this is the detail on the doors. A little old-fashioned, but I like it. Saw another piece nearly identical to this one on a blog yesterday (the big brother to mine) and she painted it distressed black, changed out the knobs and is selling hers for $550. I'm keeping mine...I need all the extra storage that I can get!!
It's going to stay the original wood finish for a while, too. My craft room is going to end up a mix of white painted furniture & stained wood over time, so it's not like its going to stand out. If I ever do paint it, and that's a big IF, I might go with a creamy white with a soft French/aqua blue inside the drawers & the rest of the interior.

For now, the most it's gonna get is a good dose of Almond Glow on the outside and maybe some lace doilies on the shelves and some pretty craft boxes to hold. After all, it has a job to do! *LOL*

I know, I know....what did you PAY for it? I'll tell ya, just don't hate me, okay? I told Chris over the weekend that I wanted a hutch & didn't want to pay over $50-75. He didn't think I was EVER gonna find anything that wasn't butt-ugly or required a load of work to make it decent for what I needed. Got this baby on my first stop for $75 & I'm tickled pink! Happy early birthday to me!! *ROFL*

Speaking of birthday...my blog's birthday was a couple of weeks ago & I still haven't celebrated that yet...I have a prezzie that I'm making for you, so I'll be back in a day or so. Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

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