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30 September 2008

Made this last night

This is a sympathy card going to Sapulpa, Oklahoma to my Uncle Gary. My Aunt Paula passed away from complications caused by cancer on Saturday afternoon. My sister & I took her death very hard, because 1/3 to 1/2 of our happiest memories included this very special lady. She's not tied to us by blood, but by heartstrings (she was family by CHOICE, which made her more special) ~ there were times that she was more of a mother to us than our own ever was. She had 3 boys (just like I do) and was my first exposure to professional crafting. I remember helping her get ready for Christmas shows by sewing lace on quilted photo albums and baskets. She also made dolls. Every time I made a skirt, blouse, or dress she was the one that I went to for praise & critiques. We'd been separated by time, distance, and some dumb stunts by my mother, but over the last year, we'd been reconnecting & catching up. I'm really going to miss her...

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Sharron said...

I know this is an especially tough time for you, Sis so I'm sending you TONS of PRAYERS & HUGS & lots of LOVE!
I Love you dearly!

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