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06 June 2010

Another thrifting share & a gift

Hi, All! I'm still working on today's KISS project, but I wanted to share another thrift store find. I picked this little gem up the same day I got my scissors, but every picture I took of it kept coming out fuzzy (thought at first it was my eyes, but nope - it was the photographer's crummy skills)...so I waited & decided to try again today. Finally, decent pix!

I was going to paint it white & antique it a bit, but Cordell insisted that I leave it the original blue for a while. "It's actually pretty this way & already fits in with your craft stuff, Mom." Okay, sold...you smooth talker! *LOL*

I just loved the carving on the doors. Kinda prim & vintage-y at the same time. And lookie...it holds all of my MS glitter jars perfectly!
It even has this little drawer on the bottom for my smaller tubes of glue & pots of flocking.
AND....it's already got this "chippy" and whitewashed finish on it. The ONLY thing it needed was for me to re-glue one of the little knobs that had broken off. No biggie! If you look you can see the price tag - $4 for cute storage. Gotta love it! As I walked through the DI with my treasure, I actually had women stop & ask me if they could have it. Ummmmmm......no, sorry. I was taught a phrase a long time ago growing up around drag racing ~~ ya snooze, ya lose ~~ I was just tickled that something worked in MY favor for a change! *LOL*

And this is my very first try at word art. It's a saying that I stitched on a pillow for Cordell a few years back. It's kinda simple and I hope that it's easy for you to snag. If you use it on a project, please leave me a link in my comments box so I can stop by and see it...or send me a pic by email & I'll post it here for ya. If y'all like it, I'll try to put together some more & maybe offer up a couple a week for ya to play with. Just right click to open it in a new tab or window, then right click again & Save Image As to a file folder of your choice.
I'll be back in a little while with my KISS post. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!

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Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Oh my goodness Sis...........I love, love, love your find!!! Wowsers! And I totally agree with Cordell.......blue is the ticket for that sweet thang! Love it! And if I'd been there I would have had someone distract you while I snatched it away. LOL And look at all the delish glitter it's holding. Yummo! Actually they should have arrested you for STEALING! LOL $4??? WOW! What a great buy!!!
Thanks so much for the word art! Love it! And I've made a special folder on my computer to hold all of your word art.........so keep em comin', Sis! LOL

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