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04 June 2010

My thrift store find/share

I went thrifting last week & found a pair of wooden scissors at the Ogden Rescue Mission. They had this UGLY bit of 80s country frou-frou on 'em, but I figured for $1.95 I could make it work for my craft room.
And there was this little piece on the handles that had busted out but was still with the piece. They were actually hanging on the wall by that broken spot. It's a miracle that it didn't drop to the ground & I miss seeing it altogether!
So, first thing I did was unwrap all that dust-gathering crud off of the scissors. In doing that, I discovered a hanger already attached to the back...BONUS! *LOL* I wiped them down, fixed the broken spot & let it sit for a few hours, then took them outside with my brushed nickel spray paint.
Once the paint was dry, I took a piece of brown paper bag & gave them a light sanding/buffing. Here's how they look now (below).
MUCH better and just PERFECT for the wall in my she cave. I'm a happy craft girl!
I have a contest entry to share, so I'll be right back!

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Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Great job on the cool find, Sis! Ya done good!
Huggies & Lovies ~

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