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26 August 2010

Did some stitchin'

Hey there! I'm getting a jump on next week's Stashbusting September. I've had these patterns traced onto fabric for a while now just sitting inside my storage footstool in the ole she-cave, waiting for my "round-to-its" to come in...Saturday evening I decided not to wait for my "round-to-its" any longer. I just needed to sit down and get some stitching time.

The background fabric is a white on cream print, the embroidery pattern is called "Language of Love" from Tied with Heartstrings. I didn't use her recommended colors, because I wanted something a bit softer, so I chose ivory and a dusty rose.

I stitched it in French...
And English....
One the French side, I used two different laces layered up in the corner for a doily effect.
And on both sides of the pillow, I used a combination of true vintage and vintage-looking buttons (thanks, Lori and Sharron!) in cream, pearl, pale pinks, and clear dusty rose.Instead of filling the hearts with satin stitches, I filled them with French knots...I thought it was a pretty effect.
On the English side, I did an eyelet doily-style corner.
Now, I'm off to the next project...taking this 6'x9' canvas drop cloth from Lowe's (washed & softened up a bit)...
And turning it into curtains for 3 windows of my home like this one. They're a frustratingly horrible 48 inches wide and 22 1/2 inches high. I could dig it if they were in a basement, but...
this house doesn't HAVE a basement! *LOL* Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!


DeeDee said...

i have always loved your pillows and this is no different so feminine and soft...great idea for curtains too...my mom had windows that size..theya re no fun for real

enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Nora!! I adore your pillows girl!! :) LOVE the doily on the corners and really FAB curtains!! LOVE that colors too!! thanks for stopping by hun and I'll have to check out that blog!! HUGS

Melissa said...

Very pretty and romantic pillow. Nice embroidery work!!

Maureen F. said...

Beautiful pillows !!! I have some drop clothes hanging around my stash to make bedroom curtains with - but I think I need to take them to a laundromat to wash

Michele said...

very pretty pillows. love the embroidery and the use of doilies in the corners!

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