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12 June 2011

DIY gardening...Redneck Style

Last month, I had a tire patched on my car. Exactly four DAYS later, Biker Boy drove it to work & took a screw into the sidewall that they couldn't patch, so I had to have a whole new set of tires (they couldn't replace just one, because the tires on the car were snow instead of all-seasons & it would ride weird -- great up-selling guys, thanks!). Anyway, when they were done I noticed that they had bagged & put the 3 remaining tires in my trunk & back seat. Not sure what to do with them at first, I just set them next to the shed.

For the last three weeks every time I mentioned them, Biker Boy has said someone is coming to get them. Well, no one has ever shown up to claim them, so on Sunday I gave him the "If they're not gone by Monday, Mister Man, I'm going to do something utterly REDNECK with 'em just to drive you up the wall!!" speech. He rolled his eyes and ignored me. {I love it when he doesn't think I'm serious about this stuff.}

So Monday night I looked at him & said, "I think I'm gonna drill holes in those tires & mount 'em to the shed to make a flower display. Ya know, something nice to look at. Some color. The tires will hold the heat from the day, which is good for plants, & the holes will allow for drainage so they don't drown. It'll be cute!"

He GLARED at me & said, "You're NOT drilling into my new shed!"

"Well, then, how about I mount them to the red shed?"
He chuckled. "That old thing? I don't think the walls would stay up if you did that."

"Fine! How about the back fence then? That way we don't have to look at the UGLY fence OR the TRAILER HOUSE nestled only 3 short feet away from it!"
Poor guy...had to watch him for a second or two...I thought he was going to knock his head off the kitchen counter the way he doubled over laughing. When he could breathe again, he said, "Yeah. You do that & watch how fast THAT piece of crap comes down! You know the park owners won't be in any hurry to replace it & we'll have rugrats & their dogs running all over our backyard thinking the trailer park has been extended for their enjoyment."

*heavy sigh* "Well, YOUR friends haven't come to pick them up like you said they would and I'm tired of them just sitting over there doing nothing. They need a job!" Then it hit me. I've been wanting some raised flower beds out behind Biker Boy's new shed since last summer...there's plenty of garden space there, but we can't afford the wood right now to build any. With the tires, I could bury them a bit, fill them with dirt, and at least put in a couple of tomato plants and maybe a pepper or two. Something. ANYthing!

So, Tuesday morning, while feeling delusional industrious, I unwrapped one of my new "helpers" & plotted out where I wanted them to lie. Using the last of some white spray primer, I pretended to be a crime scene investigator & made outlines of our victims bodies.

Then recruiting Oldest Child & a friend, I bribed them with sodas, ice cream & all things summery for some good old-fashioned back breaking labor. Folks, when I say "back breaking" I'm NOT kidding around here. This soil is clay & now that it's dried out from the winter snow melt it's as hard a a rock! (I wouldn't want to be the one doing the digging...oh, wait...I'm NOT! *LOL*)
LOVE how Middle Child did the "supervising"...he's going to make a GREAT Government employee someday....
Now they're dug out & in the ground, they look a little strange just lying there...guess it's time for a trip to IFA for some soil, compost, and plants!
I hope this inspires you to look at things a little differently...maybe you can find something today lying around your house that's still in decent shape but needs a new job.
I'm off to rest my tired, freshly dolled-up tootsies! I got the instructions for my fancy pedi from HERE, if you'd like to try it for yourself.
Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


ImaYaYa said...

What a good use for those tires.. I know a guy that does this every summer.. only he stacked his in tiers.. large to small tires... made a beautiful strawberry bed!!
Good use of things Ms Nora!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Love it, Sis! Great idea for the used tires & it looks great too. From your noggin......to the back yard.......love it when a plan comes together........especially when you didn't have to do any digging. LOL
Huggies ~

Teena in Toronto said...

You definitely deserve the pedicure! I need one.

Happy blogoversary :)

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