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29 June 2011

In Memory Of

Augusta Elizabeth Hurst-Williams. My grandmother. She lived alone while Grandpa fought in World War II...had 4 sons between 1947 & 1953...2 turned out not-so-good, one could have been better, and one was at her side till the very end. She took care of my grandfather, not knowing till he was nearly done that the mood swings and forgetfulness were Alzheimer's and cancer. She did what she thought was best by him & put him a home when it got too hard for her. The 2 sons were very unhappy with her and SUED HER for their money when he passed. She battled a rare blood cancer and won.

On Saturday, she had a heart attack and quit breathing. We were hoping yesterday that she might actually pull through and outlive the greedy buggers that are circling her like buzzards over a carcass.

What I wouldn't give to be sitting in her kitchen, drinking a cold glass of Meadow Gold milk, munching on nutter butter cookies while she made her out-of -this-world pecan pie, talking, laughing, & circling things we liked in the Montgomery Ward catalog. Or helping her in her flower beds digging up tulips and asking questions about her flowers.

God had other plans for her. We won't get to see you at Yellowstone in August, like we were planning Gramma, but we WILL see you in Heaven. I love you. Kiss Grandpa for me when you get there, okay?

art - Susan Winget

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