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23 September 2011

DIY Mascara

Okay, so I mentioned last week that I tried making my own mascara. It was a semi-success and I thought I'd share how I did it. First, I figured out what ingredients would be "good" for my eyelashes, so I grabbed some vitamin E oil, organic aloe gel, and for the "coloring" I thought that activated charcoal would be a good choice.
A small pot from the natural food store and a couple of toothpicks to stir my chemistry experiment...
There are no exact measurements, I just kinda went with my instincts on this...a small squeeze of aloe, 4-5 drops of vitamin e oil, and 2 capsules opened, then stirred... {sorry it's a tad blurry}
A $3 pack of mascara wands from Sally Beauty Supply...
And the result.....
Not bad, but I think it could be thicker for more volume. I'm pondering adding a smidge of emulsifying wax, but I need to talk to some "experts" before giving it a try...I'll let ya know how it turns out.

I also thought y'all would like to see the progression of my hair growth since I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love back in late March. This is about 2 weeks after the cut & as you can see it's a good bit above my shoulders...
In July, with longer bangs and it's brushing my shoulders....
And as of last week....my bangs had hit my chin, so I grabbed my scissors & chopped 'em off, and curled it. When it's straight, it's 2 inches BELOW my shoulders. Love that my hair grows so fast!
I have a crafty/creative share for y'all tomorrow, so I hope to see ya again real soon. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!

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Andrea said...

GF you are gorgeous - short or long hair! I like the all natural mascara but I too would be looking for a bit more oomph LOL For your first attempt I think it rocks!

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