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26 September 2011

Very Pinteresting....

Just thought I'd share a bit of what I've been looking through over on Pinterest today:

{PLEASE NOTE: the titles under the pix will take you to the actual sources, NOT the Pinterest pages}

(thinking about printing this one onto some fabric...just not sure if I want a pillow or a t-shirt...)

(just looks so COMFY! and it's kinda warm here today, so being near a pool would be nice...)

(wouldn't this be cute for necklaces & scarves?)

Detoxifying Smoothies that have bonus benefits

Being totally jealous of Becca's Cards

I'll warn ya right now...Pinterest is highly ADDICTIVE...some folks get sucked in & aren't heard from for days on end! I can, at times, be one of those people, but today I have to help Youngest Child's teacher mark reading fluency charts, so I'm setting it aside...at least till tomorrow! *LOL*

Had a dream this weekend...I was leaving my house to run errands and found two white hawks lying dead on my doorstep. I just looked down at them for a moment, stepped over them, and never gave them another thought...wonder what that means?

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NanE said...

Ha Ha, that's me!
HELP, I'm pinned and I can't get up!
LOL, I just thought of that, I should make up a tag and post it on my blog, then pin it and watch everyone else pin it! He He! :)

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