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25 October 2011

It's Tuesday!

This week it's pictures....with a twist! For the last few years, I've been collecting "motivational posters" that tripped my trigger. A lot of these, I'd love to give credit to the gals that made them, but sadly, the DT forum is no longer available to access and that's where I snagged them from.
{If you're having trouble reading any of these, just click the pic & it will enlarge for you.}

Okay....yeah....I totally went there...but, in my defense, if you've ever seen him as Brendan Block in "Secret Smile" you'd go there, too!!

Isn't it just?!?

This is from my favorite clip out of Red Nose Day (the UK version of Comic Relief)

If you're a Doctor Who fan you'll find this funny because The Doctor as of this year, should be approximately 907 yrs old!

There's no arguing this one!

'K! That's it for me. We have a cold snap coming our way tonight & there are errands to be run. See you lovelies tomorrow!

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BlueRose said...

I just thought I would vist just to see whats going on. Sorry that I haven't called but lost your number thanks to verizon....hahahehehe anyways I would love to hear from ya, email me k

Huge hugs Kat

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