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04 October 2011

Tennant Tuesday

David was recently voted "The Greatest Doctor of All Time." Would you like to know why?

It all started with "The Christmas Invasion" where The Doctor regenerates for the tenth time since 1963...

He spent 3 full seasons & some extra episodes (almost 5yrs) turning The Doctor into an even more beloved character than he already was...though he was "rude and not ginger."

There were many memorable scenes between The Doctor and his traveling companions ~ Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Sarah Jane Smith & K-9 (remember them from the Tom Baker days?), Captain Jack Harkness (even though he was never an "official" companion), Martha Jones, & Donna Noble...it's quite possible that I'll share as many scenes as I can find here with you! {consider yourself warned!} *LOL*

One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes..."Blink." Here, see for yourself:

No matter how many times I watch it, I still get the shivers...just LOVE the dialogue! The Weeping Angels are almost as creepy as the Vashda Narada...but I'll save them for another time...

Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!

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