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06 September 2010


What do you do with three funky windows? Folks, when I say funky, I mean FUNKY...they're better suited to a basement, but they're on the south & west side of my home...nearly 6 feet above the ground. They measure 48 inches across and are just shy of being 23 inches high. So, what do you do? Buy pre-made curtains and alter them to fit? Yeah, you could...but that could be expensive, even with cheapo panels from Wally World, and my budget is beyond thin. Non-existent, really. So, the answer is you get REALLY CREATIVE!
You take a 6' x 9' canvas drop cloth purchased at Lowe's in August. Wash it & soften it up just a bit. Take it straight out of the dryer and fold it in half length-wise in your living room floor so that it doesn't wrinkle too much...Using a measuring tape, you divide it into thirds and mark down both long sides with pins. Then using the measuring tape again, lay it cross-ways between the marking pins, and either lightly pencil a line between the pins and cut...or do it 'the Nora way' and just be bold...get out your pinking shears and CUT that puppy! *LOL*
Then on a Saturday night, while hubby is away with his motorcycle club and the munchkins are either at sleepovers or crashed out in their beds, you find one of your favorite David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who on PBS, set up your sewing machine in front of the telly, and STITCH.

I'm sorry? You don't watch Doctor Who? What do you mean, you don't know who David Tennant is?!? Oh, for shame! You need to snoop through my blog more & find this stuff out! *ROFL* Oh, okay...go pick out your own favorite show to watch, then.

Anyway....the cool thing about this project - two of the panels are finished on three sides before you even get really started. All you have to make is the rod pocket on the top (cut edge). The third panel (from the center), you just have to make a 1/4 inch hem on one side for the bottom and the rod pocket across the top. It's all straight sewing so it goes really fast.

In the time it takes to watch a one-hour show (even if you're making stops in between to squeal in delight when David does something utterly adorable....oh, sorry, wandering off topic...MIBAD!), you're done!

You just wait for the munchkins to wake up the next morning (so you're not standing on their beds while they're sleeping) and hang them up.
They look really nice. One quick note: I didn't make them into traditional double panel curtains, just left them one solid piece. You can...a simple fold in half, cut, then two quick 1/4 inch seams...it's just that for these windows, it's not necessary. Since they're horizontal sliders, I usually push them off to one side to open them for the breezes anyway.

See? They let in just enough light, they have a nice rustic finish (perfect for 3 smelly boys that don't like frou-frou anyway!), the texture is amazing, and I made all three for less than $11! You've GOTTA love that!!

Now...my next project is to take this sheet that was in one of the windows and turn it into three valances for the finishing touch...a nice, masculine feel without being too much. {Mama runs on testosterone overload most days, we don't want to over-do with the decor!}
After THAT, I get to tackle this window in MY bedroom. Doncha just love the flour sack towels hanging over a tension rod for privacy? Lovely...NOT! *LOL*
I have this little funky window (south wall) and a more "normal" sized window (east wall) that need my attention, too. Thought I'd take some white muslin and this fabric that I got through FreeCycle....
For the big window - I'm not sure if there's enough to make full panels out of this (haven't measured), but if not, I can always use it for a band at the bottom of the curtains, maybe the rod pocket portion & still have some left over for toss pillows or to add a bit to that little window on the south wall. I dunno yet, but I'll figure it out. It'll probably come to me like most of my best projects do...at 3am just as I'm getting really good and asleep. *LOL*

And for THIS little thrift store find...
Well, I thought I'd alternate it with some white muslin strips and make a REALLY RUFFLY curtain for that smaller window...too much? Maybe? Guess we'll see! *LOL*

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


1bellastager said...

Way to be thrifty!

Christina said...

Great Idea!I was actually in Home Depot the other day and walked by some fantastically cheap drop clothes and got to thinking "wow that is a lot of material" but I refrained, because I like you are Busting some Stash this September!

Melissa said...

I wanna see how the aqua curtains turn out. I bet they will be really pretty!!

DeeDee said...

Very nice..and I love the teal laced one....just lovely

Maureen F. said...

great job on the curtain !!!!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Ya done good with what ya had, Sis! I hope the boys appreciate them.

I can't wait to see what you do with that purty aqua fabric.

Luv ya!

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