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05 September 2010


It's time for another entry for Stashbusting September. So I took a dip into my stash boxes, jars, drawers, totes...*sigh*...you get the picture. Grabbed some brown felt, needle and thread, scissors, and some of my yummy lace stash and whipped up a few of these darling little flowers. Okay, 'little' might be an exaggeration...they're not small at all. The "smallest" is this brown one that fits the palm of my hand.

The largest (yes I know it looks blue - blame the sunlight coming in my back door) is this black lace flower. I used two sizes of lace to make this beauty. What did I do with them, you ask?
I put some ruffles onto some tote bags that I've been storing (for almost a year now) and stitched the flowers on for an accent. Was going to sell them in a boutique, but I think I'm gonna keep these (I have others I can whip up). I'm getting really tired of trying to remember my UGLY tote bags for grocery shopping, I figured these would be great for showing off as I pick up fruits & veg.

What do you think? Will these be easy to remember to take along? I think so too! Be sure to hop on over and see the other fab things being made for Stashbusting September...you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


DeeDee said...

Miss Nora what have you done now...I just love these...so my style....I need to go into my stash and make me some pretty flowers too,.....thanks for shring them they are just lovely.

nessy said...

beautiful lace flowers ~what creative bags ~ thanks for sharing!
vanessa xx

Maureen F. said...

so cute !!

Michele said...

a cute tote is soooo much more appealing than the boring old plain shopping totes. i think these will definitely be tagging along for some shopping! :)

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