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28 February 2011


Like my new header? Clean. Simple. I likey a lot!!! *LOL* Thanks to a great online tutorial by Jill for using Picnik online photo editing software, I was able to do this in less than an hour. I could have done it quicker, but I was having fun playing with all the gizmos that Picnik offers for FREE. I really loved the one that I made using my Print Shop 22 program and vast collection of goodies from Susan's Raspberry Road store, but I was feeling the urge to do some paring down.

{in dramatic magician's voice} And for my next trick: a matching blog button for you to grab & share with the world using THIS tutorial! I'll be sharing that very soon, so stick close, my darling stalkers!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

Edited to add: I did it!!!! Thanks, Heidi, for the great TUT! Here's my blog button ~ feel free to snag & add to your blog. {Copy the code in the box, open your dashboard to DESIGN, click Add a Gadget, select HTML/JavaScript, paste the code, & Save. Easy, right?}

Handmade and Heavenly

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Tracy said...

Hi I love your blog I added myself as a follower ages ago and due to circumstances have not visited recently. I am so glad I did today.

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