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26 February 2011

What to wear?

No not me. I'm always comfy in my t-s and jeans or shorts. It's this pillow I'm making for my sister that needs dressing. Yes, I'm working on 2011 CHRISTMAS gifts already. No throwing things at me....unless it's chocolate...or David Tennant....or David Tennant covered in chocolate! *LOL*

The only thing that she requested of me is making the gifts that I put together in the future portable. She & her hubby have some traveling plans in the works, and they don't want to leave anything behind if they don't have to. So I got to thinking....she ADORED the little Scottie ornies that I sent for her birthday earlier this month...I have some great vintage embroidery patterns....I'll make a double-sided PILLOW!

This is Mary Kate, named after Mary Kate Danaher in "The Quiet Man." I used straight stitches for the majority of the design, lazy daisies for the flowers & leaves, French knots in the flower center, and the bow is a mixture of split stitches and stem stitching. {You can right click each of the pictures and choose Open in a New Tab for better viewing of the project}
And this is Colin. Again, I stitched them after her little darling Wheaton Scotties. The stitches for this one: straight, lazy daisy, satin, & buttonhole.
These patterns can be found as freebies if you do an online search (I checked), but I was lucky enough to have them already in my private stash. {grin} It just took some VERY careful handling to not destroy the delicate papers. Someday I'll show you my filing cabinet that houses nothing but embroidery patterns here in my she-cave. Now, I get to stare at THIS all evening....

And try to figure out what to use for the borders on these darling pups. I'm trying really hard to keep myself from running to the quilt store for some DARLING 30s & 40s reproduction flour sack prints that I saw while shopping the other day. Believe me when I say that it's not easy, this resisting of purchasing fabric! *LOL* Next project for their Christmas gift package....an MDF monogram!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

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