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03 July 2011


Today I washed up a 2lb bag of white seedless grapes and stuck them in the freezer. As a kid, these were our favorite treats when my sister and I went to Gary & Paula's to play with their boys. Aunt Paula would stick some grapes in the freezer while we chased chickens, ran in the field throwing dirt clods at each other, rode bikes up and down between the two hills, and swam in the pool. When we were too hot to do much more, she'd fill up some huge Tupperware glasses of those grapes and we'd sit on the deck, eating them, recharging for the next round of adventures. My sister always poured water over hers and used them like ice cubes till they thawed and didn't hurt her teeth so much. *LOL*

Ah....memories! What fun, summery treats did you enjoy as a child?

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