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28 July 2011

Thursday Thrifting

I won't get to go out every week, but I thought Thursdays would be a good day to share what I found at the local thrift stores earlier in the week. Yesterday, I managed to make it to the DI in Harrisville for the first time in a couple months. Wasn't looking for anything big (I still have some furniture projects to get on before it gets cold in October), but I found a few smaller goodies...

4 patterns, never cut apart, from the 1980s (my kids call that "vintage" *LOL*)...$1 (jumper/petticoat) & 50¢ each for the rest. I'll be spending some of the weekend tracing patterns onto freezer paper (a project I'll share on Monday) to keep from cutting them apart. I know, I'm a nut! It's okay, I'm comfortable in my skin!

There were some iron-on embroidery transfers (mixed manufacturers) lying loose on the shelf & since no one could find the packet they came out of, I got all of them for 25¢.

The little wooden tote box ($1) is PERFECT for holding my collection of essential oils, the measuring spoons are for the potions that I'll be sharing soon (like TOMORROW!), the 1c Pyrex measuring cup is for the smaller batches of goodies I'm whipping up, and all that milk glass? Well, I'm a sucker for milk glass. Seriously, cannot stay away from it, though I was proud of myself for putting down 3 vases. The 3 shallow bowls with handles ($1 ea) will bring my ice cream set up to 4 (2 have broken since the last ones I found back in March), the little dessert cup (50¢) has me up to a set of 8, and the 2 smaller cups & drinking glass (50¢ ea) went into my china hutch in the she-cave to hold rayon ribbon pins & spoons...

Total for the day - $10.25...not my best, but still a good haul for 3 sacks full of goodies that I can use!

I want to get better about posting & sharing with y'all, so I've set myself up a bit of a schedule. Here's how I've got it laid out for now: Keep It Simple Sunday (yep! it's back!), Miscellaneous Monday, Tennant Tuesday (none of you that know me are shocked by this, right? *LOL*), Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thrifting, Frugal Friday, & Stamp n Scrap Saturday. I hope you like the schedule & if you have any projects/recipes/ideas that you'd like me to check out, please feel free to share! Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day!!


ImaYaYa said...

Great haul.. as usual Missy! Love the milk glass too!!

Bumbleberry Stitches said...

Pretty good. After looking around blog land for a little while, I think you should make Thursday Thrifting a linky party. You know, you show me yours I'll show you mine. (LOL)

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Wowie Sis! You did real good! Lots of cool goodies to play with.

I like your different daily post ideas. Very creative!

Happy Huggies to ya ~

Nora said...

Theresa, that is DEFINITELY something to consider...a show n tell thrift day to share what we got at local stores and yard/garage sales...I like the way you think!!

Nora said...

Sharron, I just wanted something to keep me focused for daily posts...I have so many different crafty interests, then if you toss in thrift shopping, cooking & sharing frugal ideas, the ole blog starts looking unorganized & kinda "all over the place." I figured this way, I know exactly what needs to be posted, y'all will have an idea of what's coming up & we're all happy! *LOL*

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