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08 August 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Sorry I'm so late getting here! Got a recipe to share with you today & it's quickly becoming one of my family's favorites. We just finished off a 6qt crock pot full of this...I seriously NEVER have leftovers!

Italian Ranch Chicken & Rice

6-7 medium sized boneless, skinless chicken breasts (frozen is okay)
1 brick cream cheese, room temp
2 cups water
1 can (reg size) cream of chicken soup
1 packet buttermilk ranch dressing mix
1 packet zesty italian dressing mix
1/2 cup chopped frozen spinach
1 1/2 cups instant white rice

I put the frozen breasts & water into my 6qt crock pot on HIGH for 2-3 hours (you can do this on LOW 4-6 if you have to go somewhere & be just fine). After the chicken has lost all of its "pink" bring out each breast & cut into good, bite-sized cubes & return to the crock pot. Add spinach, dressing mixes, & cream of chicken soup. Stir to mix. Cook for one more hour. Add in the cream cheese. It will look like this...

Add the rice & cook for another 30-45 minutes & you get THIS....
Serve with a small salad or fresh veggies and fruit & you have yourself one stick-to-your ribs awesome dinner! If you try it, please come back & lemme know what you think.

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