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12 May 2009

Oh, WOW! Award #8

My little blog isn't even a year old yet (getting close, tho) and I'm up to 8 awards. WOWZERS! Gotta say, as much as I'm flattered & pleased (or chuffed as my UK mates would say) by this, I'm amazed that you feel my blog is award-worthy. Thanks ever so much Charlene! Not sure who I'm passing this on to just yet ~~ I have so many gals out there that I think rock. (Doncha think that we need a blue one of these logos for our male crafting counterparts? I DO cuz I have a few that I'd give it to!)

I'm off to get the littlest munchkin ready for Kindergarten, then I'll come back & post some pix. I found a stash of cards that I dressed with clip art about this time last year, but compared to what I do with cards now, they seem woefully inadequate. I'm dressing them up a bit, then I'll parade them for your viewing pleasure. *LOL*

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


Vicki (basement stamper) said...

Congrats girl!! You rock!! ;)

Brenda said...


Beverly said...

I haven't been on line much lately and I've been thinking about you and hoping/praying you've recovered from your bout of illness. I'll try to shoot you an email soon. I do check your blog and love it!

Sharron said...

Congrats to you sweet girl!

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