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19 May 2009

Pictures & an award

No cards or crafts today for me. Not yet, anyway. *sigh* I'm designing a flyer to announce my sales through The Angel Company for the folks in my neighborhood & it's chewing up quite a bit of my time today. I can't quite get everything on there like it needs to be. May end up making two. OY! Like I want to do that!

I did take some pix on Sunday & yesterday that I thought I'd share with you. Last Thursday Chris brings home this 4 pound box of strawberries. I could smell them as he walked through the door. This delightful mouth-watering smell that screams "SUMMER!" First thing he says is, "You've gotta come & see these! They're monsters!" Yeah, right. Big to you, isn't big to me, Mister. I haven't seen a big strawberry since I was a kid & my parents grew Tennessee ever-bearers.

Okay, it just so happens that he wasn't exaggerating this time. They really are HUGE! This is a shot of one, compared to my 6 year old's fist...

And two of them in MY palm...Can you smell them? *ROFL* OMGosh, they are so sweet that I didn't even need to add anything to them...just mashed about 6-7 of 'em up and poured 'em over shortcake. The boys ate till I though they were gonna bust! *LOL* Chris is bringing home 4 more pounds of them tonight. I can't wait...I'm prepping these for the freezer & making a strawberry pie with some of them. That is, if I can keep the munchkins out of the container long enough! *LOL*

I took the next two pix on Sunday afternoon. Devin, my middle son, was out in the backyard when he came inside...index finger held gingerly in his opposite hand. Well, being the clutz that he is, I started running for the First Aid kit, thinking he was in the shed and used a tool to try and take his finger off. Nope! He was "just being REALLY careful, Mom." Turns out, it was this little beauty.

I haven't seen a moth that fat in ages! Here's a nice aerial shot so you can see the "face" in his wings. Isn't he cool?!? He was a fantastic model! {Wish my boys would sit still like that for more than two minutes...}
And lastly, I want to thank Brenda for giving me my 9th award. Super sweet of ya to think of me! Go by her place & say HI. Don't be afraid to peek, she's got some cute projects over there! Not sure who to send it on to, so for now, just pick out of my Inspirations list & have fun peeking around!Well, gotta dash. Hopefully tomorrow (maybe later this evening, if I'm really lucky) I can come back & show you those older cards that I've been snazzing up...thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


charlene aka scrappygma said...

Congrats on your award and good luck with the sign thing for the neighborhood ! Wow those are some big berried sure wish I was there to eat some with ya!

BlueRose said...

I have never seen such huge berries, and congrats to you on your award!

Say I'm going to use you store until I get my going because I have people asking about ordering. I sure hope that you don't mind, well of course you don't.......LOL Luv ya

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

Hi Nora!! Oh you are making me hungry with those strawberries!! YUMMY!! congrats on your award hun and good luck!! ;)

BlueRose said...

OK now how did you do the banner? I just have to find out! Inquiring minds have to know and that is me.

Luv's Kat

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