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27 October 2009

An essay of sorts & bit of news

I was asked recently why I didn't become a demonstrator/rep for SU!, since they're based here in Utah. First, let me say, that I have some very DEAR FRIENDS that rep for SU! AND CTMH (Close To My Heart) and I do enjoy using some of their products. These companies are fine & I have nothing against them. There are reasons WHY I chose to represent The Angel Company over SU! or even CTMH:
1) The Angel policy - The Angel Company has THE BEST Angel policy in the business. You don't have to purchase a "copyright" or "property of" stamp to use our product & there's no limit as to the amount of items you can make for use in your crafting business. It's simple - you buy it, you use it, you sell it - we just ask that you tell folks, when asked, where you got your adorable images. ;-)
2) I'm not REQUIRED to sign up a down-line or have it done in a certain amount of time. Of course, it's nice if I do have a down-line (win-win for everyone) but I'm not going to be flamed by anyone if I choose to just do this on my own or eventually make it a hobby.
3) My quarterly minimum to maintain "active status" with the company is STILL THE LOWEST out there & that's AFTER our company made some changes in policy.
4) The stamps - the type, the size, the quality...they're just amazing! I'm a very finicky stamper - I have to like ALL of the stamps in a set before I purchase it. With SU & CTMH, when I considered their product line, they both had items I really liked - embellishments, punches, ribbons, papers...but when it came to the sets, they just didn't hit the mark 100% for me. I would look at a set & either like all of them except one or two OR I'd only like one or two out of the set. I can't sell a product if I don't like EVERYTHING about the product. With The Angel Company, I didn't have that issue. Every set I currently own or have on my wish list contains stamps that I'll reach for over and over again. I love that we use quality rubber, mounted onto cling cushion - I get the look, feel, & smell of rubber stamping, but not the bulk - all of my TAC stamps are stored on these lovely coated sheets we sell & sitting in a zippered binder - not attached to wooden handles in stacks of boxes to be waded through as I need them.
5) I don't have any special restrictions or a "no compete" issue. If I want to take a bit of a break here on my blog and show off some Tildas, or Inkadinkado stamps, or Sugar Nellies, or digital stamps, or something from Hearts In Touch, that's perfectly okay. No one is going to shut me down or tell me I can't. The Angel Company KNOWS that crafters like variety & working with other products. They KNOW that they can't carry it all & most importantly, they know that a happy Angel is a productive Angel.

Those are my reasons for working with The Angel Company & I want to thank you for letting me take a moment to explain them. Now, for my bit of NEWS:

If you've ever clicked on my shopping cart (the purple one, up here on the left), you've been taken to my storefront with The Angel Company. Have you put anything in your cart & tried to make a purchase? Well, in the past, it's been, let's just say a little DIFFICULT - you had to do a search for your zip code and sometimes it would take 2-3 times before the system would actually recognize it. Did you ever go through that & EMPTY your cart out of frustration? If so, I'm so very sorry...BUT...you won't have that problem any more! The folks at our Home Office, God bless 'em, have FIXED IT FOR US! {doin' a lil dork dance} My store & any other Angel that you shop with is now set up for you to setup YOUR OWN ACCOUNT: fill your cart with items, fill in your information, set up a user name & password, then you can shop any time & the system will remember you just like every other online shop you visit. No more re-entering everything, no more zip code searches, no more FRUSTRATION! I hope this makes you as happy as it did me & I hope that shopping in my store is now a HAPPY EXPERIENCE for you. If you ever have any questions or, Heaven forbid, problems using my store, please let me know so I can get it taken care of for you. The Angel Company is working very hard for YOU to make your shopping in my store the best experience that it can be.

Now, as much as I'd like to stay here & play with you, I really must get all of this stuff unpacked (I'm so tired of tripping over and around boxes!). As soon as I'm done, I'll get back to our weekly K.I.S.S. & sharing other goodies with you, including PIX of my new place.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!!

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