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16 October 2009

Whew! Almost there!

This is the LAST weekend of not posting on my blog so I can be moving things...I've been doing a suburban-full every day after dropping the boys off at school for the last two weeks. I'm exhausted! Tonight will be our last load of "little stuff" ~ dresser/chest drawers, hanging clothes, a few decorations ~ we're putting it all away where it belongs, tossing it out, or setting it aside for the garage sale as we go along. Tomorrow & Sunday will be the BIG STUFF ~ dressers/chests, washer & dryer, refrigerator, entertainment center, desks, beds, & shelving units.

Monday will be the boys' last day at school in Layton, I'll give them Tuesday to "chill" & absorb living in their new space, then they begin their new schools on Wednesday. They don't seem to be upset about leaving their school...their FRIENDS on the other hand..."Mrs R, why can't you just leave them in this school?" "My mom will come get them!" (*ROFL* yeah, right!) "Take us with you!" "It's gonna SUCK when they leave!" *LOL* It's nice to know that my boys are popular ~ much more so than I was at that age ~ I was the geek no one wanted to hang around with ~ to this day, I still have the same handful of friends from school.

NEXT weekend will be a HUGE garage sale at the newly emptied house in Layton...everything that I'm tired of storing or we simply don't have room for is going - some of my finished crafts, craft supplies, unfinished picture frames, home decor, a few pieces of furniture...it's outta here!

And on that note, so am I! *LOL* Need to get off my fanny & get back to work. After the cable guy comes on Monday ("Sometime between 8am & noon) - I'll have telephone, tv, & internet - so I'll be back then. I may save a few handmade goodies to give as blog prezzies, since we're coming up on Christmas.... {I've got a box full of glass blocks waiting to be turned into lights, SOMEWHERE in this mess.} *LOL*

Thanks for hanging with me while I go through this & have a great rest of your weekend!


Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

I'm so happy that you're just about done with this mess, Sis! I know it's been a TON of work for you!
Sending up prayers for strength for you, sweetie!
Love you....

Hugz~Dixie said...

Hope things are going well and you are settling in.I'm sending you hugz and prayers too.

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