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04 December 2009

No new cards yet?!? But you SAID.....

*sigh* I know...I KNOW. I'm not happy with myself right now...in fact, I'm kicking myself in the tail mentally so you won't HAVE to! I'm weak, I admit it. And I will have some cards for you. Soon. Very soon. It's just that my plans were slightly altered on Monday the 2nd, when Chris came home from work with a sack in his hands. "Kaylene said to keep an open mind & just READ them," then tossed the sack into my lap. I didn't PLAN to read them, in fact I hadn't really WANTED to, but I was curious about the worldwide furor over these books. So I cracked the cover toward the end of "House" and began to read.

By Tuesday, lunchtime, I'd finished:It was okay. A little slow for my taste till it hit Chapter 10. After that, it wasn't so bad. On Tuesday evening I started the next one & was finished by Wednesday lunch:Better. It still dragged (for me - don't throw anything at me, unless it's covered in chocolate!) till around Chapter 10, but I enjoyed her writing style, mostly in first person, so I continued with the story.

By supper last night, I finished book three. YES, I have been doing the laundry, making beds, running the boys to/from school, and making an occasional card, ALL while reading these books. This one was REALLY good!
Now, here it is, FRIDAY the 5th, the first Friday of December & I'm into 'book two' of the final book (it's three mini-books rolled into one large one). By the beginning of 'book two,' I was crying. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone not yet reading this one, I'll just say, "It's BELLA" & leave it at that! You'll know what I mean when you get there! *LOL*
Most likely I'll be finished with this by late tonight or maybe tomorrow afternoon (it IS about 57 chapters altogether AND it is only about 20° outside, making me feel less inclined to leave my cozy spot on the couch) & then I'll have some cards to share with you. PROMISE!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

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