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02 October 2010

Make your own shadowbox frame

Even though Stashbusting September is over, I'm still committed to going through my goodies and using what I have. It's kinda easy to do right now, since money's tight.

Last month when I was out thrift store hopping, I nabbed this lovely crocheted butterfly for only 75¢. I knew that I couldn't alter it by sewing it onto clothing or a pillow, so I decided to highlight it. My first thought was "frame it" but I didn't want it mashed under the glass. I did want it protected from dust, so the glass was needed. What to do? What to do?

A shadowbox! Most of them right out of the store are too expensive for me right now and I needed an 8x10, because this beauty measures 7 inches across. So, I decided to make my own. I took two flat unfinished frames from Dollar Tree...
Removed the backing and mats from both and the glass from one that would become the back of the frame.
I pulled the glazing points out of the one I left the glass in...And ran a bead of glue around the inside of the frame to hold the glass. I let it dry overnight.
Next morning, I grabbed my wood glue...
and put the frames together. Use clamps or heavy books, in case some of the frames are a teensy bit warped, to hold them together until the glue dries. I let mine sit overnight just as a precaution.
While the glue was drying, I went through my abundant paper stash & found an 8.5x11 sheet from Hobby Lobby that I liked. It's really close to the colors I'm slowly bringing into my bedroom. Got out my Xyron 900 & ran it through, then stuck it onto the backing that I saved when I took my frames apart.

Day 3: After the clamps were removed, I took some Elmer's natural wood filler & filled in the gaps all the way around my new frame. I like the tube for these smaller projects, because it squeezes out like a caulk bead and I just smooth/mash it in with my finger tips.
After two hours, it was ready to sand smooth. (sorry, it's a tad blurry!)

Then using my "mad skillz" acquired as a teenager masking cars for painting, I taped off the outside glass...
AND the inside....
Took it outside with my lil homemade paint booth, a can of Krylon satin finish paint (color - pebble), and went crazy. Let it dry, sanded a bit more, then shot it again.

When it was dry (thanks to thirsty wood, the Utah sun & 87° temps today, it didn't take long), I peeled off the tape, cleaned the glass with a bit of alcohol & a lint-free rag. I mounted the butterfly to the backing using a few light dots of acid-free glue, popped the backing into the frame, and.....

Ta-daa! My nifty lil $2 shadowbox!

Even Biker Boy, who usually just smiles & nods when I finish something (because he gets sick of having them stuck under his nose) gushed over how pretty it was!
I have two baby bibs that my great-aunt Josephine crocheted for me when I was expecting Oldest Child. They're packed away but deserve to be out in the open. I may have to make frames for them, too!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


*Vicki* said...

Nora, this is just gorgeous!! What a really fun project!! You're very creative girl!! :)

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

It turned out beautiful, Sis! Love it! The backing DP is a perfect compliment to the gorgeous butterfly.

All of that hard work really paid off BIG. And even got cudos from hubby! That's huge! LOL

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