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07 March 2011

Edmond, Oklahoma...

Fifteen years ago today...after 5 wks in labor, total bed rest, faxing in toco monitor readings every hour, and tending to Oldest Child (had some help...kinda, sorta but not really), the doctor decided to help this tired young mommy and start her labor at 930am. After a LONG day, Middle Child arrived at 548pm, 7March, weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs 12 ounces. Today, he's 6'2" and 170lbs, has his mom's whacked sense of humor & love for music, and his dad's wicked ability to write a person out of his life if he feels that person has been disloyal to him or anyone he cares for. He's sensitive, though he doesn't want the world to know it, loving, smart, and just a fine young man all around. We're very proud of him & can't wait to see what he becomes.

He had a grand weekend. Started out by playing chess for a few hours Friday evening with Oldest Child's best friend...thoroughly enjoyed seeing THIS, as opposed to them crowded around the computer or a game console!
Then on Saturday, he screwed up the courage to tell his Dad what he wanted for his birthday. He knows we've been tight on money for the last couple of years, so he didn't want to stress us out. He NEVER asks for big ticket things, usually it's just a CD or a game or a special meal, so that told us it was VERY important to him. Seems that for the last 8wks, he's been walking past a pawn shop on the way home from school, dreaming about....a BASS GUITAR! His best friend is starting a band, and Middle Child wanted to join in.

So Dad asks him if he can wait for our tax return to come in...just a few more weeks. Middle Child walks by & says "He didn't say NO, so I can wait, Mom." After he was gone from the room, I looked at Biker Boy & said "I do have some money stashed. We could get it for him now & put the money back when the return comes in." He looks at me & says "Ya know. You're right. He never asks us for anything. Let's go hit the ATM." Dad tells Middle Child to put on his shoes so they can go get some CDs at Hastings. He comes out & says he wants me to go too, so Oldest Child volunteers to watch Youngest Child so I can go with them.

We go by the ATM, then I drive us to the pawn shop. Middle Child has NO IDEA that we're there for him. He thinks Dad just wants to see what he's got his eye on & price it all out. Total for all of it was more than I had on me, but we pulled the shop owner off to the side and explained that it was for his birthday & that I had cash. Were they willing to deal? Uh, YEAH, for cash a pawn shop will do just about anything! We walked out with his bass guitar, a mini amp, & strap for the price marked on the guitar. He's still floating on air! *ROFL* He needed a universal plug for the amp & some headphones so he can practice in his room without disturbing anyone, so we dropped Biker Boy at The Clubhouse and headed to FYE. Managed to find exactly what we needed...ON SALE! It was a great day.

Here he is plucking his bass for Youngest Child. {You can almost see those little toes tapping...}
He sat like this for HOURS Saturday night and yesterday....
It looks blue in these pix, but the bass (by Kramer) is really PURPLE. Middle Child is on Cloud 9 & already knows a little bit of "Crazy Train" by Ozzy. He's got plans to hang with his buds, playing music this coming weekend, but when I dropped him off at school this morning, he turns back "Can I have your creamy cheesy chicken enchiladas for my birthday dinner? They're the best!"
Sure! What kind of cake do you want?

"None. I just want those enchiladas. Love you, Mom!"
So, now I've got chicken in the crock-pot. I'll pull off the broth at lunch, shred the meat & add salsa. Later tonight I'll make him his birthday dinner. How could I say no? *LOL*

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! ♥♥

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ImaYaYa said...

Great pictures!! Happy, Happy Birthday!

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