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27 March 2011

Let's try this again...

Not sure what happened...guess at this point it doesn't really matter. Had the post all ready to go, did an update to it last night...and it still didn't post on schedule. Hopefully whatever issue Blogger might have had is over now & this post shows up!

Well, I got quite a few different opinions on what to do with this crazy, long mane of mine. Thanks to those that left me some input, I appreciate the feedback very much. I considered every one of your comments. I took Devin for his haircut Monday, since JROTC started back for him on Wednesday, and while I was there I talked to the girls that weren't cutting anyone about my hair and what they thought about the idea rolling around in my punkin head.

Here's the back on Tuesday morning... I washed in Monday night around 1030 & gave it a blast with the blow dryer before going to bed...by 11am, it was STILL damp...yup, it's THAT THICK!
And here's the front view. Sorry if it puts you off the ole blog...just keepin it real here!
Off to get it cut. An hour later...
TEN INCHES of hair going to Locks of Love!! {goodness, there's lots of RED in there!!}
Here I am just as soon as I got back home, grabbed my camera & ran into the bathroom for a quick pic...
Not bad! It IS as short as it's ever going to go, though. *LOL* In fact, I'm still liking the haircut nearly a week later...
Cathy thought I'd cut out all of that killer perm she gave me last year, but as you can see, with my 1/2" curling iron and 20 minutes on the clock, I was able to make OODLES of ringlets...a quick tousle with my fingers & I'm out the door!

Last night I played with these for part of a Christmas in July swap project that I've been working on the last couple of weeks. It turned out incredibly CUTE!
Can't show you any more than that, until 25July, but it's proof that I am crafting. *ROFL* Now I'm going to work on a Stashbusting Spring project that I CAN share with everyone!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


ImaYaYa said...

LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E the hair cut.. you look so much younger.. like how you styled it too!!!

Psssssssttt.. you COULD email me the picture of what you're making.. I won't tell a soul.. honest.. shhhhh...

Chelsea said...

Love the new do! You look 10 years younger. Think of th people that you've helped.

Sketti1969 said...

Hi Nora,
The new "DO" looks great!
By donating to Locks of Love you helped someone else look great!! So Awesome!!! <3

Nora said...

Awwwww...y'all are so sweet! Thanks for the lovely comments. And I do feel really good about the donation to Locks of Love. I've always had a soft spot for kids with cancer (donate to St Jude's every year) & I wish I had more to give 'em!

The Kirkwoods 2.0 said...

I am following you now....dun dun dunnnnnnnnn. haha
Love the hair still! And likin' it that you're still likin' it!
Enjoy your crap weather today. ha

Nora said...

{waving} Hey Keddy! Glad you're following...always more fun when a friend can come along for the ride! *LOL*
STILL throwing choccies at you for the crap weather comment! bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha


*Vicki* said...

Oh gosh girl!! I absolutely LOVE Your hair cut!! It looks so fresh and fun and it probably feels much better!! Believe it or not, I used to have long hair...it's just easier and better looking with short hair I think. Course mine's way shorter than yours!! :) HUGS

Nora said...

Hey Vicki! I love my long hair, but this will work for me, too. Thanks for the luv, girlfriend...always good to see that you stopped by!

Katherines Corner said...

Love the new do! I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

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