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12 March 2011

*sigh* Decisions, Decisions...

Brush the shoulders with some fringe-y bangs? Maybe if I had Raquel's killer bod to go with it....

Fresh n funky, on-the-go Mormon Mommy cut? Everything fits ('cept the Mormon Mommy part...)
Shorter in the back, with some layers & frame the face a bit?

Too bold? Too short? Shorter? Am I a risk taker any more? *sigh*

Play it safe & stay mid-length?
Or just stay where I'm at, leave it long & layer it up some to take off the weight?

I just can't decide...this is my hair (photo taken this morning). As you can see, it's thick & LONG. One hand width away from my waist. The leather wrap holding it is 8" long. I like the length, but it's getting to a point where it's becoming troublesome...Biker Boy sleeps on it & I can't roll over at night...I sit down in a chair or get into the car & pull my own hair...you get the idea. As much as I like it, something needs to be done. I've poured through magazines, looked all over the WWW & can't make up my mind what I want. I'm asking you for your input.
Here are your choices:
1. Don't cut it ~ I'd KILL for hair like that!
2. Just take off a little bit...maybe 2-3"
3. Chop it off & donate it to Locks of Love - they need at least 10", so it's gonna go short if I go this route.
4. What is it with the pop quizzes on the weekend?!? I can't decide either!!

This photo was taken in September of last year. Those bangs are at my chin now! (Yes, my hair grows pretty fast) My problem is trying not to go too short. Don't want "Moon Pie" face! *LOL*
I wear it down a lot, which is why I did the perm last May (Cathy was amazing - this perm has lasted almost a year & shows no signs of going away). Hair is in fantastic shape - it's not dry from excessive product use and no split ends. I pull it back & either braid it or clip it up to keep it out of my workspace when I can craft.

So, what do you think? Leave me a comment with your thoughts & opinions...I'll share what I do later...


nessy said...

well nora i would stay long and have it layered..see how that goes ~you cannot stick hair back on!!
vanessa xx

Andrea said...

Hey gf! I love the locks of love idea (my niece did that) but if you aren't sure about going shorty-short then how about going half-way - brushing your shoulders. I find the longer my hair gets the more weighed down I feel so I keep my hair long enough to pull back but short enough to give me a good style (I have a lot and get it thinned/razored every time I get it trimmed LOL). I'm sure whatever you choose will look beautiful because that's you!

ImaYaYa said...

Shoulder length.. with bangs!! I think you'd look GREAT.. not that you don't already..
You could donate your hair to the pantene site.. maybe 2 times over.. they only require 8 inches.. maybe 6 inches.. Locks of Love has to have longer.. and only make wigs for kids.. Pantene donates for adults too..

Nora said...

Thanks Nessy, Andrea, & ImaYaYa for the lovely words...y'all are so sweet! Nessy, great point about not being able to put it back! *LOL*

Luckily for me, my hair grows pretty quick, but I've had it short before & it's almost more work than the longer lengths & I'm not one for doing a lot of fussing with my hair. {Can you tell I'm STILL undecided? *LOL*}

I'll have to check into Pantene's program & see what they're about. Thanks for passing that on...maybe someone else is reading this & doesn't have enough hair for Locks of Love but still wants to help in some way...


Kristine said...

LOVE the Mormom Momma cut myself!!! Sweet & sassy...kinda like you!!!! ;-)

Nora said...

The "Mormon Mommy Cut" DOES look like it would require the least amount of work to maintain out of the shorter cuts....thanks for the input, Kristine!

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