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04 August 2008

For those that like FAST...

This is just one of the photos that I took Saturday. These Harleys are running on Nitrous Methane (aka Nitro) & man oh man, are they fast! I haven't been to the drag races in almost 15yrs & it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I've got this video for you so you can see & hear how fast these Harleys are on Photobucket...here's the link: http://s225.photobucket.com/albums/dd80/NLR_bucket/?action=view&current=100_1539.flv

It was hotter than Hades (about 103 F with 13% humidity) so we were slammin water every time we got our hands on a bottle. Met a really cool family from Hooper, Utah which is about 20 minutes NW of where I live (gotta do a quick shout out to them--HEY Y'ALL!!) - they were a blast to hang out with. I love makin new friends! Lemme see...what else did we do? Oh, yeah! We rode in this really cool 4x4 1956 Chevy school bus - what a trip! I have a video of it, too & I'll post a nighttime race video tomorrow. I was waiting for the kid from New Zealand to come back up, but it started raining just as he pulled into the waterbox & they shut down the track. His car had the entire place vibrating on an earlier run - he was incredible!

I still have some crafting that I'm trying to get done - I have some cotton vests that I want to show y'all real soon, too. I promise I won't forget! I've also entered another swap - this time for sympathy cards (there's only 8 that I've got to make for this one, instead of 40, so I think I'll be okay). Now it's off to get some laundry going...doggone magic hamper (wish my WALLET was like that!).

Have a great rest of your day!!!

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