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30 August 2008

Prayers going UP!!!

I was reading the news on Comcast the other day & was brought to tears. A very talented musician had to have some serious surgery to save his life. I guess it hit me hard because he was born in the same city as me (Tulsa, Oklahoma) AND he's only FIVE years older than I am. I remember being a pre-teen and watching this man when he was playing basketball in college. He was an amazing athlete - I've never seen anything like him. I enjoyed watching him play Bball the way I enjoyed watching Barry Sanders play football for Oklahoma State.

When he started playing jazz music, writing & performing, I was ecstatic! I love jazz (most people don't know that about me - I like a LOT of different kinds of music, but jazz is toward the top)! He plays guitar the way he played basketball! It's a beautiful thing to watch!

The surgery was a below the knee amputation to prevent the spread of bone cancer. They discovered the cancer in the summer of 2007 when he fell down the stairs in his home & broke his leg. He's not letting it get him down, though. He says what happens after this is in God's hands & he will continue with his musical career until the Good Lord says to stop.

I'm so impressed with his attitude & would like to ask that you keep Wayman Tisdale and his family in your prayers. This phenomenal man deserves the best! (you can hear some of his music in my playlist below - he's DA BOMB! Be sure to listen to "Rebound" the CD titled after he discovered his cancer...)



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