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22 August 2008

Not much to post on today...

I'm still trying to clean my office, & I'm sitting here at 1 in the afternoon with the windows open (that's a first for AUGUST). They're saying next weekend for Labor Day it'll be even cooler! Totally good with THAT! I'm a spring/autumn girl anyway. I need to get moving a little faster than what I've done so far, but I'm exhausted...this week has just drained me!

I had all that drama with KODAK on Tuesday; Wednesday was just a busy day all the way around - I took my little one to the doctor to follow up on his ears (their much better now), had back to school night with my two older boys (what an event!), & immediately after that went to my first Stampin Up! card-making party (a LOT of fun); Yesterday was spent shoe shopping with my oldest & returning clothes for my middle boy that I just bought him less than a month ago - he'd outgrown them already (thank goodness they still had tags on them), then I took the little one to meet his Kindergarten teacher. He was so cute, thought I was leaving him there for school & told me I could leave now. Then when they tried crowding 52 students (AM & PM classes) WITH their parents into one room, he went into panic mode (he can't stand crowds). We ended up leaving before the principal even got to her welcome speech. {sigh}

Now I'm listening to the dryer signal, the boys are "starving" & ready for lunch, and all I wanna do is crawl back into bed for a NAP! Since hubby won't be home till nearly midnight tonight, that's not gonna happen, so I guess I need to drag my tukus out of this chair & get on it. I'm hosting an artist trading card swap on a message board that I belong to, so I've got to start making my cards and I've got to shop for a birthday gift & make a card for the neighbor boy's birthday party tomorrow...my list keeps getting longer - scratch off one item, four more take its place!

Y'all have a great rest of your day!


Andrea said...

Clean your office? I thought a messy desk was the sign of creative crafter!

Hang in there gf :)

BlueRose said...

Thanks so much Sissy for the visit. I love the quilling when we are camping cause it is a lot easier to travel with...I have another project that I'm working on now. I just love it quilling....

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