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20 October 2008


What a busy week I've had! Since my last post I have: celebrated DH's birthday; started cutting & assembling FIFTY recipe cards for a swap I'm in at PC Crafter; begun hosting a recipe swap on another board (that one is digital, so I reduced SOME of the work); 14 loads of laundry (those were just done in the last 48 hours); made a birthday card for a little friend of my youngest son; begun birthday plans for my baby's birthday (6 yrs old this week!); started designing Christmas cards for friends & family; planning out Christmas gifts to make; hauled clothes out of mini storage for my youngest & packed up some of the clothes the older boys are growing out of; started gutting the closet of my youngest to take toys to the local hospital and thrift store; discovered some differences in ink consistencies & their reactions to different stamp materials (I'll be posting THOSE soon); shopped for stamp storage (I should say "shopped successfully for stamp storage" - I've been looking for almost 4 months); begun plans to relocate my she-cave back to its original room in the house; shopped for storage to go into my she-cave; took an order for spa & sundae kits that I'll deliver a week b4 Christmas (twenty total)...(singing) and a partridge in a pear tree! (LOL) I cannot believe how crazy it's been around here! Every time I sit down & say "it's time to update the ole blog" there's a knock at the door, or the phone rings, or there's homework to check off, or an errand has to be run, or a friend comes over to visit one of the boys...I feel like I'm living in Grand Central Station!! Stop the world - I want to get off for a while! (ROFL)

(taking a DEEP breath) 'K! Now that gunk is off my chest, I'll confess, this is an every day occurance for me. YUP! I'm one of those "go getters" that you always hear about. I always have a project, my kids are always into something, and my magic laundry hamper is ALWAYS spewing out stuff for me to wash (wish I had a magic WALLET so I could feed my crafting addiction AND get the bills paid!!!).

Most days, I try really hard not to think about what I've got going on & just dive in and GO until I can't go any more. On days like today, I sit down at the end of the day, and catalog what I've done, what I need to do, and where I want to run and hide from it all!

I really WOULD like for it to slow down just a bit...I have embroidery that I want to get back on (I LOVE doing embroidery). Kathe, a dear friend, just sent me OODLES of iron-on transfers to embroider - I sat this evening & felt like a little kid worshipping a stamp collection. So many ideas spinning in my head now!! I have painting that needs to be done (not just walls either - painting on fabric, papier mache, wood - that clipboard last week reminded me just how much I'm missing).

Oh, well, I'll get there, I'm sure of it...winter's coming & I'll be less inclined to run around doing the things that I'm out doing now. I'll actually sit down with some embroidery in front of the television for 2-3 hours a couple of nights each week, maybe actually WATCH some of the shows that are on. I really don't have that many that I tune into - House, Bones, The Ghost Whisperer, my 2 hours of Dr Who every Saturday (LOVE the Doctor!) & every now and then I'll sit down with DH to watch Sons of Anarchy (the new biker series on FX).

I love it, though...all of this craziness. I think I'd go insane if I had absolutely nothing to do. I know my BUTT would be bigger than it is right now if I had time to sit around and stuff my face! (LOL) Speaking of which, before I call it a night, I need to go down to the garage & put in 10 minutes on the AbLounger - that'll keep me out of the trail mix before beddy-bye.

Don't forget, there's still some time to snag some digital goodies from the Fall Splendor Blog Party - it's running until Halloween, and I've noticed that some of the contributors are coming up with new additions of quickpages & brag books and such. Very nice pieces (don't forget to leave them love if you snag). Of course, ya never know what's gonna happen when Kristine & the DoubleDs come up with something else outrageously cool!

Have a great rest of your day!!

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.: Kristine :. said...

Hi Nora!!

Just stoppin' in to visit before I go back to bed...I have cooties and I feel a nasty cold coming on...

You have been busy like me!!! Time to relax a bit girl!


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