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30 October 2008

I'm swamped

I'll be in & out over the next few weeks. This just happens to be a crazy time for me. I'm in the middle of 2 recipe swaps, a sock swap, still trying to find the right design for my Christmas cards, make Christmas gifts (usually I'm done by this time of year), AND...I received an order last week for 20 of my spa & sundae kits. In other words, I'm swamped! I've got tons to get done and my youngest son is having ear troubles again - he's missed the last 2 days of school. He's not walking into walls anymore, so I'm thinking I can send him today. We'll see how the morning progresses. He'll go to the ENT tomorrow afternoon to find out what's going on, but for now I'm bumping my schedule around to acommodate him.

Have a great rest of your day!!!

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Andrea said...

Good heavens you are one busy gal! I had a great time reading all your previous posts that I missed while I was offline. I'm glad to see you are keeping busy and I look forward to reading more blog entries when you get a chance :)

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