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26 December 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

I just love that song (Doris Day & Bing Crosby) & it totally fits here today! *LOL* All day yesterday and long into the night, we had horrible winds. They started coming from the South, brought in the rain & sleet around sundown, then switched to the Northwest and made the temps plummet as the rain turned to snow. We had two highways shut down to "high profile" vehicles and one semi truck was overturned - the driver is in critical condition. The weather reports all said that if you were out driving in the wind and the muck, which a LOT of people were, visibility was about 6ft in front of your car. This is what it looked like outside my house at 8pm last night...

And this is what we woke up to this morning.... That's DH in front and the neighbors from across the street in the background. I love this area...everyone pulls together and just goes from one house to the next shovelling drives and walkways. I have to say, though, that usually DH pays someone to do ours. He NEVER touches a shovel - you'd think he was out there trying to make the weather WORSE or something! He was bemoaning the fact that his poor Harley was sitting in the garage looking forlorn and lonesome. (ROFLMBOBO)

This is what it looks like from my backdoor. The deck is eleven FEET off the ground.

Another view from the back deck, overlooking the wetland behind our house (storm drains run into it). Those poor geese out there, trying to make nests to sit out the winter...

As you can see, it's almost knee deep on DH. Today's total is 6.5 inches on TOP of the snow we had last week.

Then, just as I'm about to say "My nose is about to fall off!" The Good Lord blessed us with the sun coming up over the mountains...so pretty! The sunsets are just as beautiful - turning the mountains peach, orange, pink, and lavendar. *sigh*

So, enjoy your indoor time, if it's cold where you're at like it is here, and craft till your lil puddin heart's content. That's EXACTLY what I'm doing today! That is, just as soon as I have this baked potato and leftover buffalo roast sandwich. I can smell the hickory smoked mustard, sharp cheddar cheese, onions, and "everything" bagels now! No one touch Mama's sammy! (LOL) Oh, before I forget! Di is giving away some really YUMMY blog candy - you have till noon 02January2009 to sign up for this wonderful treat.

Have a great rest of your day!!


BlueRose said...

Hey sis I'm so glad that I'm not there boy does that look cool. Stay warm sis and Happy New Years to you and your family.

Andrea said...

I love snow! Granted I love it because I don't have to drive in it very much since I work from home right now. Great pics! We had a white Christmas but now we're getting rain, rain and more rain. Can't wait till it freezes... people will be sorry that it's icy roads instead of just a bit of snow covering.

Keep warm!

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