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02 December 2008

Two posts in ONE DAY?!?

(ROFL) Yup, ya caught me! I'm TRYIN to make it snow! Seriously, I've stumbled into some more blogs this afternoon that I just HAD to share with you.

Hog Wild About Stamping - she is a prolific stamper with an extremely creative family (more about THAT in a sec). I've spent a couple of very happy hours, sucking down Pepsi, letting the Tylenol kick in and hopping the last couple of weeks of her postings, oohing and aahing at the cute cards she makes. She's also giving away some BLOG CANDY by the 9th of December - she's got a fun twist - so you might want to scoot by there, leave her some love (she's super sweet - Hey Holly! Thanks for stoppin by! Always enjoy making new GFs!) & maybe you'll be getting her yummy treats in YOUR mailbox! Or...maybe I'll be showing 'em off to ya here on my blog! (bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha)

'K! That talented family of Holly's that I mentioned earlier? Daughters & a sister that are designing stamps & digital linework. I have to confess that I never considered this possibility until today. I have linework in some of my PC Crafter creatables and I've purchased sets from Trina over at DigiScrapKits, and I use them a LOT, but I've always used linework for either tole painting or doing my embroidery. TODAY, tho, altered my perspective and forced me to once again think outside of my comfort zone (I'm getting better with this, really I am!). Using linework printed off the computer, just like I would a stamp! The UP sides - being able to adjust the size of the image & minimal storage space!! I know, I know...some of you are groaning & thinking "Duh! What century are you from?!?" but seriously, those of you that really know me, know that I've not been playing with paper for that long and I'm just getting into stamping (in my typical feet first, balls to the wall fashion). Using and coloring linework like a stamp & putting it on cards and such truly never occurred to me. This is where Holly's family comes in...I was reading my daily feed of PaperPleasing Ideas when I noticed a comment that mentioned SquiggleFly. I thought, "What on EARTH is a 'squigglefly?'" and being the researcher that I am (allright, allright...I'm downright curious - some of you might even call it nosey!), I linked over & started poking myself into every corner and cranny that I could find. OMGosh! Talk about some CUTE artwork! Hanna & Bella...lookout! You've got serious competition. These images have translated into some adorable clear stamp sets & are being carried by My Favorite Things.

I also found a link on Holly's blog to a really cute idea for clear glass ornaments...using re-inkers! The colors are amazing and Sarah did hers for a challenge. I've done this with pearl acrylic paints before, but now I'm gonna have to slip over to CBC & check out some of the other entries. The inspiration is now OOZING out of my monitor! (LOL)

Well, that's it for me today. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some more sundae kits for you to take a peek at...

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Holly said...

hey ya Nora! Thanks for the love you showed my blog! I'm glad to hear that you can see different possibilities for your line work images now. Nothing like making our investments stretch a little further!
I enjoyed the music playing on your blog today too!

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