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10 December 2008

One sundae kit & some sites to check out...

I'm working on the finishing touches to the 8 kits that I covered last night. This one needs its candy to be complete, but I thought I'd share anyway...I'm feeling quite a bit better than I have the last 3 weeks. Kinda wondering if I knocked something BACK into place with the tumble I took yesterday. Was having furnace filter issues & the filter jammed going in. When I went to pull it out, it didn't want to budge, but I finally pulled hard enough that my feet went out from under me & I landed on my back on the stairs. No bruises, no owies, so I must have had an angel in my pocket. Thanks for the love & well-wishes y'all have left me - I really appreciate each and every one of you!!

Got a little sidetracked earlier this afternoon. Came back to the ole she-cave for some supplies & picked up a box of BloPens that I bought a year or two ago & never touched. Thought I'd give them a go...little bit of a buzzing head rush later & I ended up with some interesting things to play with. It's not as smooth as a pro airbrush system, but the spatters might look neat on something prim or maybe work in a monochromatic scheme...if I come up with something wonderfully creative, I'll be sure to share.

I want you to check out a few more sites today for inspirations. I love playing with Melissa Frances products, but rarely am able to locate the items. When I do, I buy everything that I can find. I had a run 4yrs ago on her reproduction labels - still have a few left & have been pondering how to incorporate them into cards. I think I found the places to show me how...look what I found today:
Bibbi's Dillerier - it's German (I believe) but who cares?!? Her cards are beautiful!!! I haven't found one of her posts yet that I would change one little thing on.
Homespun with Heart - Danielle has some really pretty things to get you in the mindset to create.
The Melissa Frances website - I just love going through there. It's been a while since I've looked, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that she now has a line of stamps that go so beautifully with her papers and labels.
The Melissa Frances blog - projects & ideas galore! I'll be posting these four sites on the sidebar later this evening so no one has to backtrack to find them. If you're like me, you'll be going to them again & again.

That's it for me this evening. I'm a single parent for a couple more hours till DH comes in & then it's bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!


Andrea said...

Glad to hear you don't have any new owies... but sorry your tummy is still giving you grief.

Great photo of the kit - even without the candy :)

Sharron said...

Love the sundae kit, Sis! And can't wait to see what you come up with for those labels you have left over.

I love that site you shared.....German or something! OMGosh.....gorgeous cards.......I saved each & every picture onto my computer so I could oooooohhh & aaawww to my heart's content & get inspiration.

Thanks a bunch, Sis! Now go have fun in the snow! LOL

Luv ya!

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