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16 February 2009

No new ideas on fixing this...

The blog layout, that is. BUT I did manage to accomplish something today! (do a lil dork dance with me) I came up with a solution to store my Nestabilities AND I figured out how to make my Fiskars Texture Plates work successfully in my Cuttlebug. I'm a happy camper!

Here's my solution for storing my Nestabilities:
A "half sheet" binder (holds 5.5x8.5 pages) - $7 usd at Staples (gotta come up with something pretty to slide into the cover)
The Spellbinder tan mats fit in the front pocket. As you can see, I can get two sets per page, or spread each set out a bit, so my fingers can have some room to move.
The tricky part was the flimsy magnet sheets. A 3 sheet pack of 8.5x11 magnetic inkjet sheets from Hobby Lobby ($7 usd), cut in half. Just by themselves they were so flexible that the dies didn't want to stay on. So I took a manilla folder, glued shut with adhesive spray & stuck it to the "inkjet side" of the sheet for stability. Then I ran the whole setup through my Xyron900 and glued scrapbooking papers to the "non-working side" of the pages. End result - a book that works AND looks good.

Now, for the Fiskars Texture Plates - these things are difficult to say the least. Well, they WERE while I was trying fun foam, wetting the cardstock (lightly), using mouse pads, using chipboard shims...*sigh*...you can see where this is going, right? Well, two weeks ago I had a 40%off coupon for Hobby Lobby and grabbed the Spellbinders tan mat package to give them a try. They were the only thing off the Cuttlebug Sandwich recipe list that I hadn't tried. I'd never been able to get them in a local store till now, so I figured "what the heck!" Today was the first day that I'd been able to actually TEST the recipe and IT WORKED!!! I didn't even mist the cardstock with water and they are perfect!
This is the basketweave (sorry for the blurry pic). This one is a little soft on the impression, but still so much better than I'd hoped for.
This is the "lace" texture...
This one is a "floral ground"
I really love how the raindrops turned out.
This one is a filigree
The music notes. Look at the one below for how DEEP it embossed.

This one tilted on the side remined me of a waffle cone. I think it would be nice with some ice cream graphics, or Laurie Furnell's "Soda Shop" clip art...then you put it upright again, flip it over to the backside and you get this (below).

How cool is that?!? And finally, this one is called "grass" but most likely it won't be used as a grass texture. I just like the randomness of it. I think it should have been named "splintered" or "shattered." Either way, it's cool.
I'm really impressed with the results. For the Cuttlebug "sandwich" I used: "A" plate, fiskars plate, cardstock, one tan Spellbinders embossing mat, then "C" plate. That's it! Nice and simple with amazing results! Like I said, I'm a happy camper. Now to color up some line art, cut them out with my large classic oval Nesties and make up some cute cards...perfect way to end my evening, coloring with my Copics and listening to that wind howl as it blows in the next snowstorm.
Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


Deb M. said...

Great ideas Miss Smarty Nora! :-) Hope you are having a fun week, so far.

Thanks for sharing...huggers,

Andrea said...

Look at you - doing the lil dork dance with ya! Great solution idea gf. Clever, very clever!

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

You're such a clever girl!! :) Thanks for sharing all of this!!

Calv said...

Great idea Nora...always nice to see new storage ideas. :)

NanE said...

Thanks Nora for the tip on the texture plates! I thought I posted before but I guess I didn't, please excuse my rudeness! :) Hugs, Nan

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