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07 February 2009

Well, I got SOMETHING finished!

Not my laundry tho, it's incessant! *LOL* Ahhhh, the joys of washing clothes for five people! Gotta love it!! My magic laundry hamper has not only spewed forth more clothes for me to wash, but in the last couple of weeks, it's learned how to REPRODUCE! If I'm lying, I'm dying -- I went to bed one night with a near-empty hamper, woke up the next morning to not one but THREE hampers in my upstairs bathroom, literally overflowing with laundry needing to be washed. There has GOT to be a way to harness this technology & hook it up to my empty wallet!!! (is this technology alien? could be - I'm the only female in this house & men, as we all know, ARE the most alien creatures on this planet...) *LOL* C'mon, ya gotta admit that having a wallet that could fill back up with spendable dough would be really nice. Think "endless craft shopping spree!" *ROFL* I'm SO there!! I put that right up at the top of the priority wish list with dishes that clean & put away themselves!

*sigh* Allright, allright...back to the "real world." I did get a bit of craft shopping in today - that was nice. Money's been a bit tight lately, so I haven't really done anything other than the necessities in quite some time. I stopped first at Hobby Lobby & picked up my very first set of Spellbinders Nestabilities in the Classic Oval at 40%off (dork dance with me!), along with a Script Cuttlebug A2 folder, and a pad of Memento black ink. Then I went up the road to Michaels (had a 50%off coupon burning a hole in my pocket) - couldn't locate my lacy heart MS border punch that I had so badly wanted, but instead picked up a MS lattice/gothic-type border & a regular MS punch that makes 3 smaller Classic Butterflies to go with my bigger single. Walked out with 2 punches for what I would have spent on one! Not bad for an hour and a half of crafty power shopping! *LOL* I also managed to make a card today. Used bits and pieces that I had laying about & I think it turned out nicely:

I started out with some lovely soft, smoky blue textured cardstock that my BFF, Sharron, sent to me. She said it made her think of me (Awwwwww!). Thank you, Sweets, it really is lovely!

I had a piece of white paper that I had used with my Cuttlebug A2 die - took my Copic BG72 (ice ocean) & colored it. Single layer of color on the ampersand; 4 layers of color on the words. Then used my Sakura Stardust glitter gel pen on the ampersand for some "thparkle."

This little square is a bit of chipboard that Sharron sent me a while back. It was meant to cushion some CDs, but I just LOVED the robin's egg blue color & wasted no time in putting it to use! I took the Copic BG72 around the edges, along with a little 0 (colorless blender) to "fuzzy" it up some. Then put a cute rhinestone heart on with some MS "frond" punches and some Jesse James sugar coated flower buttons. I used the Stardust glitter pen to make some veins on the leaves.

Also had this lovely thparkly sheer ribbon & a couple more Jesse James button flowers. Not bad eh? This is going to be a Valentine card to my gramma in Oklahoma - my sister and eldest aunt located her yesterday. My mother & youngest aunt had led us all to believe that she was somewhere in Texas, near Houston, and had kept her from contacting us for the last TWO YEARS. Can you believe it?!? My sister went off of a gut feeling that she had, made a couple of well-placed phone calls and...BINGO! One happy reunion...that is, until Mother finds out about it. My nose isn't itching just yet & my sister hasn't called to tell me that she's had a really bad confrontation, so for now, all is well.

Well, I'm off to play with my new toys. Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


BlueRose said...

Thanks for the visit sis but you did get a great deal and that card is so lovely...Great job..


Hugz~Dixie said...

LOL Did the kids clean their rooms? That always make the laundry multiply. BTW Love your card.

Sharron said...

Your card is to die for, dahling! Just sweet as can be! And you got some amazing deals. Love it when that happens!

One question.........is that ANOTHER MS branch punch I "need" to get? LOL I just picked up the udder one.......now this. OY! LOL But I like............

Sorry your magic hamper isn't doing the disappearing act instead, Sis! Those boys need a good lesson on Washer 101 duty. lol (think that'll happen in our lifetime? LOL)

Thanks for sharing! I wuv to see the goodies you create!!!

Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! Your creation is fabulous!! Love all the added sparkle and bling to this one! :) TFS!!

Adele said...

Hi there, just popping over to say hello to another Copics fan.Saw your reply in Copic Junkies) Look forward to sharing ideas and seeing more work.

love Dingle.

Deb M. said...

Love your card...very pretty!! Have fun with all those new toys! I love craft-shopping. :-)

I know all about that reproducing laundry...not sure where it comes from. Empty basket...10 minutes later...full!! YIKES!! LOL!


Andrea said...

Great post! Love the card gf - amazing! You got my mailing addy j/k!

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