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13 March 2009

This makes SEVEN!!

Wow! Seven awards & my little home on the web here isn't even a year old yet! How did I get to be so lucky and have such wonderful friends?!? I was given this one today from Kathe, one of my "sisters from another mister" & found that this award, The PREMIO DARDOS AWARD, acknowledges the value of every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday.
I'm supposed to name 15 blogs that I feel deserve this award. Many of my friends have been given this today by Kathe, so I'm just gonna let you pick 15 out of my "Where I Get My Inspiration" blog list, or if you'd like, snag it for yourself & say that it's from me, then link it back here.
I'm still not back to 100% health just yet. I had an endoscopy done yesterday & they took a biopsy of my stomach and upper intestines, so today I'm a bit sore. I'll have the results of the biopsy by the 24th, but they're saying that my current diagnosis is "idiopathic acute pancreatitis with duodenitis" - that's a mouth-full, isn't it? *LOL*
Well, time for me to go and get some rest (like I haven't been lying about like a big ole slug already!). Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!

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Andrea said...

What a diagnosis sis! No wonder you haven't been feeling too well. I hope you take it easy and start back on the road to good health... but in the meantime, get yourself a notebook and scribble down some crafty ideas and thoughts for when you are back on track. Take care!

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