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22 March 2009


Sorry I didn't post the other day as I'd hoped to. The cold that my youngest boy had for the last week finally caught me & I've now been 3 days with no voice, stuffy noggin, sore throat...just when I was starting to feel better with my tummy issues. *sigh* The best laid plans...I was going to show you a card that I've had in mind, work on my blog layout, & take care of some other things, but sadly those were not meant to happen just yet.

I'm just about done with my embroidery project - putting on embellishments & making the frame, then I'll get the card together.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day.


Andrea said...

You poor thing! Something tells me you need a vacation in the sunshine, lots of cute pool boys to fetch you a towel and deck chair and a bartender who pours without a measure *wink* Take care gf - feel better soon!

BlueRose said...

I'm sorry that your so sick, I had that stuff and I'm glad it is over with. Take care sis

Sharron said...

Big Huggies to my dear sweet Sis! You've just been given too too much to deal with lately!
I'm praying for you, Sis!
Luv ya ~
ps......I like Andrea's idea! LOL I'm following you to the pool & on the look out for those cute pool boys. LOL

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