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26 May 2010

It's Time to Get Your VINTAGE On!

First, let me apologize for not being here Sunday for KISS or posting before now. Sunday was my wedding anniversary & it was such a weird/crummy weekend that I couldn't bring myself to do anything but watch old movies and blog surf. I've not been very good at shaking it off, like I normally do. Definitely a "MIBAD!" for that one - I should have crafted to get myself out of my funk!

School is ending tomorrow and all three boys are absolutely WIRED...not sure where I'm gonna stuff them for the summer...I'm thinking maybe the crawlspace (don't flame me or call child protective services -- I'm just KIDDING!).

Our weather's been crazy, which is not helping my moods, & Al Gore's theory of Global Warming has been soundly DISPROVED yet again...I drove Chris down to Mapleton EARLY Monday morning & once we hit "Point of the Mountain" (just south of Draper, UT) we drove into....SNOW, of all things! It snowed on me so bad through Provo that I couldn't see past the hood of my car (traffic was moving at a rip-roaring 25mph). It was like that all the way back UP till I got to Layton (just over an hour's drive on a clear day), and by the time I arrived back home in Ogden, the clouds had parted & the birds were singing. *LOL* Just gotta LOVE springtime in the Mountain Desert region!

Now, I normally put blog candy alerts on my Candy Jar page, but this one needs some front page time because it has the vintage girly-girl in me jumping up and down, waving her arms in the air in a VERY un-lady-like fashion, squealing "OH, PLEASE....PICK ME! PICK ME!" *LOL* You can see why...just LOOK at all of these pretties...

Doesn't that look DELICIOUS?!? Don't they make your mind just WHIRL with the possibilities of fun projects you can whip up...or is it just dorky ole me? I know that my fate is going to be up to a random generator, but oh, to win this would be such FUN! Click the pic to go enter for your chance to win if your vintage girly-girl is squealing now, too. {winner's name will be announced Monday}

I'm off to work on a project for the CONTEST that the Vintiquities Workshop is having - some really fabulous prizes being offered and the pieces that she's challenged us to work with are just amazing. Chris is riding with his Club to California for the Memorial Day weekend, so in addition to doing the "Summer Widow/Biker Boogie," I'll be crafting in the ole she-cave, so I'll be back soon to share what I've made...I've got so many ideas running through my noggin that I may have to enter over there a couple of times, since I've got till June 14th! *ROFL* Oh, if you have a bit of extra time, be sure to look around her blog & if you'd like to, become a follower like I have...she has so many different inspirational crafts to get your mojo hopping in excitement - you'll be glad that you did.

Thanks for stopping by, good luck to ya & happy crafting!!

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Thespa McLaughlin said...

You are too cool, thank girl for stopping by, and I can't wait to see what you make for the contest! Have fun crafting in the "she cave" (too awesome, made me laugh!)


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