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19 July 2008

Five More Pieces

It's Saturday & I'm feeling a LITTLE bit better about the downstairs bathroom situation. The moisture detection people came out yesterday and spent nearly 2 hours trying to make my bathroom flood - water pressure in the pipes was fine, the drainpan in the shower stall is still working great, seal around the toilet is holding up...but there's cracking caulk above the drainpan in the shower from previous owners that is starting to mold & crumble and that's where the leak is coming from...the walls get wet, water runs down, out those cracks, under the wall into the floor. He said that it probably happens after we leave the room & has evaporated by the time we come back in so we've never noticed it before.
It's just a HUGE relief to know that we don't have to spend a fortune ripping out & replacing the shower like one company had told us earlier in the week. We just need to: pull all the caulking, all of the baseboards, wipe the walls down with acetone to prep for new caulk, rip up the floor, remove the mold that's eating the glue on the flooring...then we can caulk, paint, put baseboards back, put in a new shower door, a new floor down, and reset the toilet (it has to be pulled up to do the flooring). I'm recruiting some friends with general contractor experience to help out & see if I can get the whole bathroom done for $1,000 or less, since that's all I can spare at this time. When DH gets back from his morning errands, we're going to The Home Depot to start pricing supplies.

In the meantime, I thought I'd put up some more of my stitched pieces & a couple of mini composition books that I altered last week. I have some vests that I'd like to put up here later on, if I can get them photographed in enough time. As always, if you see anything that interests you, send me an e-mail & we'll work out the details. Thanks for looking & have a great day!!

Halloween Kitty - pattern taken from a tole painting book (I just had a feeling that it would look cute stitched). Pillow measures 12" across x 9" high.

Raggedy Angel - pattern was an internet freebie that I've had sitting around here for the last 5-6 yrs. I believe that she's an early Cedarberry Stitches, but I'm not 100% certain. She's stitched on heavily tea-stained muslin to enhance the prim look. Measures 9.5" across x 11" high.

"Itty Bitty Agatha" pattern from S. West of Buttermilk Basin. Pillow is a petite 4" wide x 5.5" tall.

Altered mini composition book - black butterfly embellishments have embossed wings. Black on a cream & tan leaf patterned background.

Altered mini composition book. Retro floral on vivid pink "chippy/grungy" background. Flowers are embellished with puffy edges & centers.

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Sharron said...

Happy to hear that the bathroom damage won't be as expensive as you were first told. That's a very good thing!
And lovin' the stitched pieces (natch) & more journals. How do you do it, Sis? You amaze me! I just sit here like a blob & watch you work circles around me. LOL Oh well.....just hand me some popcorn & I'm good! LOL
Luv ya!

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