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30 July 2008

Up Late

Messing with my Playlist (added some oldies but goodies) and watching the storms trying to build. Mostly wind right now - some of these gusts are pretty good. If I still lived in Oklahoma, I'd be worried by them & looking for those ugly funnels that come down out of the sky, but here in Utah they just knock limbs out of trees (no flying doggie houses here!).

DH didn't make it in till nearly 10p - there was a semi rollover around 3p this afternoon on a major highway & it took crews till 11 to get it all cleaned off the road. The payload was a 200,000+lb. storage container - apparently the driver was making a freeway merge and it shifted on the trailer & flipped the entire truck, shutting down the entire top of Utah for over 6 hours. When it was first proposed, I wasn't crazy about the Legacy Highway being built near bald eagle nesting grounds, but I'm thinking that when it opens this fall it will ease a lot of traffic burdens, like the one created this evening. (I still feel for those baldys - there had to be a way for us to stay out of their bedroom and still do this project.)

Didn't get too much done yesterday - mostly running errands and laundry. I did manage to make two small journals.

As you can see, I was in a "brown mood." I'm working on a larger journal that I'll probably post tomorrow. It's much lighter in feel...airy blues and greens. After that, I REALLY want to try one of those bag/boxes that Andrea at The Paper Purse keeps cranking out - those are so neat! I have a couple of friends due to deliver soon & these would make sweet gifties for the new mommies!

Well, guess I need to turn in...the littlest one still likes to get up early. Knowing him, he'll be up at the butt crack o' dawn! (LOL) See ya tomorrow!

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Andrea said...

Some days you just need to get nothing crafty accomplished (except un-fun stuff like chores and running around doing errands). Even though you "only" managed to make two small journals - I love them! I love the brown mood. Very classic.

You gotta try one of those bag/box thingys - they are so easy and so neat looking... everyone will love them!

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