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25 July 2008

To blog or not to blog?

THAT is the question! Sorry, not butchering Shakespeare's Hamlet soliloquy here, just pondering. Part of me ALWAYS has something to say, just ask my adopted sissy, Sharron! But today, another part of me says, "Gurl! You got too much to do to be sittin here on your hindquarters, peckin away at this machine!" (ROLFMBOBO) So, yeah, I'm typing! But only for a second or two - HONEST!

I really do have a lot to get done today:
(1) my recipe cards are going postal (did I already mention ONE MONTH AHEAD OF SCHEDULE?!?)
(2) I've got some returns to make at Wal-Mart & of course pick up some stuff while I'm there
(3) Return the floor tiles I got at Lowe's the other day for the downstairs bath (I called HIM while in the store - should we go with tiles OR solid roll viny floor? HE says "just get the tiles, they'll be fine" Of course after talking to someone yesterday he NOW has decided the tiles are a mistake & we need the roll flooring - WHY DO I BOTHER TO ASK? Next time he can get it himself! {ADHD/biker/Libras! OY!})
(4) stop by mini storage and drop off all of these journals that I've been making to get them out of my house
(5) SOMETIME today help "Mr. Man" get the upstairs bathroom caulked so we can start disassembly on the downstairs bath
(6) the one constant in my life - laundry!

I did manage Wednesday to get some crafting in - the more stressed I am, the more I craft to keep the garbage out of my noggin...I made EIGHT altered composition books!! I also measure my stress by the size of the choccie - Wednesday qualified for the 1lb Hershey Bar! If anyone ever asks "can you have cabin fever in the summer?," tell them YES then send them to my house so they can watch my boys for the day! (LOL) It's not only a great eye-opener, for some it's the best birth control around! (ROFL) It's a miracle I managed to get ANYTHING done. Anyway, my timer just went off (had to set it so I'd stop typing) and I need to dash before it gets too hot to do anything at all. Here's the journals I've made this week (there are 11 of them):

As always, if you see anything that interests you, leave me a comment here or e-mail me for information. Thanks for looking & have a great rest of your day!


Andrea said...

WOW OH WOW are you one busy gal! Just reading what you are up to and then seeing your creations... I'm exhausted and need choccies to help me finish this comment LOL

BlueRose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BlueRose said...

Sorry girl that post was in a hurry and didn't make any sense at all. Bwahahahahaha

Sooooo just wanted to say I love the books you busy girl.

Later sis

charlene aka scrappygma said...

Nora I love all you books they look great ! You just amaze me with all you have on your plate !
Hugs to ya

El Moro said...

Nice crafts. A real delight for the eyes.

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