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11 July 2008

Practicing my "pimping" skills

YoYo! Wasssup! I be pimpin tuh-day!! (ROFL!)

I've offered to put up links to a HUGE blog party that's happening on October 1st, & I mean HUGE - last word was that they're up to 35 designers & counting. So....I thought I'd practice today by offering up links to a collab kit, called Pina Colada Breeze, from some of my favorite haunts.

These ladies are extremely talented & so generous when they offer up their freebies, I just can't gush enough about them!! Here's what you're getting today (links are below each pic):

Nikki's World - http://nikkimcgilberry.blogspot.com/

Hey! Do me a favor? Be sure that when you visit each one of these beautiful ladies, leave them some love...they worked hard on these & they deserve the appreciation! 'K?
Have a great rest of your day!!!


.: Kristine :. said...

Who da pimp? YOU da pimp!!!!!ROFL!!!

Thanks so much Nora for the practice!!! Made my day!!!

Shaking my arse all over your blog....have a great weekend!!!


Nikki said...

Hehe!!! You took the "Digi Pimpin' Made Easy" class, didn't ya? :)

Thank you so much!!!! After the day I've had, it really helped me out a lot!!! :)

Have a fabulous weekend, and a Pina Colada on me! :)

Big Hugs!!!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I prefer to call it bartending, lol. Thanks so much for da pimp. I really appreciated it. Hope you get to enjoy a pina colada or two. Enjoy your weekend.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the "pimpage" - made my day too! Glad you enjoyed the goodies! :)

bedaleigh said...

Thanks for the headsup on some good lookin freebies! Love your blog and the music is perfect..right down to ol' M.H.!
Hugs to ya! Brenda/bedaleigh

Sharron said...

Hey Sis! Thanks for sharing the links for the goodies! I really enjoyed my shopping trip! Awesome designers!
Luv ya!

BlueRose said...

Hey Nora thank's for the heads up went shopping and got some goodies as well. Keep it up

Luv ya

The Downtown Boutique said...

Looks like some great work! I am bookmarking your blog so that I can come back later and check out all the blogs and shopping links!

(ambrosiadelights on PC Crafter MB)

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